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  1. Robin Elek says:

    Hello! I wasn’t able to find any contact information on your site but wanted to talk to someone about possibly advertising on the site? Would someone please get back to me on who I would be able to speak with about that? I’m looking for a banner ad space for a comic book themed advertisement that I think would fit very well with your site content, especially since you rank highly under the keywords I’m looking for. Thank you very much.

    Robin Elek

  2. Stevenx12 says:

    First, I confess that Supergirl used to be my favorite of the 4 CW DCU TV shows, even though’ I claim it is the most poorly written of the four shows! I am hoping that the Supergirl fan-base consists of a significant number of DC fans who watch the show primarily because its connection to – and our interest in – seeing Superman on TV again!
    So, Supergirl knocks out Superman with a clumsy backhand uppercut and now she’s the strongest superhero on earth! And then, as if to rub salt in the wound the episode delivers a series of one-liners that further exacerbate this disgrace : “… gee Supergirl, I’ll never be as strong as you!” and “Supergirl is Earth’s champion now.” Bollocks! Complete utter tripe!!
    The writers, in their tone-deaf loyalty to their character, decide to completely undermine and pervert the legacy of the very icon that spawned the character their TV show is founded upon!! Their utter disregard for the 80 year legacy of Superman and his position amongst the superhero pantheon is abominable.
    I can’t blame anyone but the writers for these pissant juvenile storylines. This show has repeatedly given us trite ‘teenage’ dialogue, continuity errors, uneven characterizations and more plot holes than can be counted fer krissakes!
    A good example, one of zillions, of the ineptitude of these writers — Jimmy Olsen is now a criminal fraud and has made Superman complicit in his crime!! What crime you ask? It’s revealed in an early episode that JO is a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer. Very nice for him. However – several episodes later he reveals that his prize-winning photo was staged !! It was posed! It’s a fraud!! Now, something the Supergirl writing staff probably doesn’t know – the Pulitzer Prize is NOT awarded for staged, fake photographs!! You damnable imbeciles! It seems probable the Supergirl writing staff are completely unaware of this – and I’d wager many of them have never even heard of the Pulitzer prize! {It’s certainly not like any of them could ever win one!!} Regardless, they’ve now made JO a criminal, guilty of fraud and theft, and Superman as well, by association!
    The desecration and deliberate emasculation of the Superman character, by making him into Super-wuss, is the final straw. I don’t care anymore and I’ll not be anticipating season 3. I won’t be watching. I will not be buying the season 2 DVD’s. I can no longer support this show and am hoping that Superman fans everywhere will agree. The only thing I can offer as a means of being heard is to entreat Superman fans to boycott the S3 series premiere episode this Fall! If you must watch – then try to catch it on some TV rerun website, On Demand or some other forum. If initial ratings are off by a small but statistically significant margin, maybe we, a unified fraction of their fan base, can get our complaint recognized. Same thing with the S2 DVD /Blu-ray release. A simple delay in purchasing the DVD’s will register somewhere and add a small extra bit of pressure to maybe help them to recognize their error! Is there anything else that can be tried? Is there a Superman fan-base that feels the same outrage? Is there anything we can do to save our character from such unwarranted mistreatment??

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