How should Zack Snyder’s SUPERMAN Film be Scored?


Zack Snyder a well known comic book fan and filmmakerof such comic book films such as Watchmen and 300. Now announced as the Director of Superman there are many questions to adress:
Who will be cast?
What type of story is it?
Who is going produce it?
Will it be action packed?
Who’s doing concept art?
Who’s going to score?
and just as important: How will it be scored?

Well I’ll be adressing the last two. Mind you now, this isn’t any type of Fan Cast for the Score, this is more like a discussion on options and how i feel Scoring Should be approached. if you do want to see my Superman Fan Cast you can see it at:


That’s a question I’ve often given thought to. We are all familier with John Williams Iconic and very very well known Film Score from the first Christopher Reeve/Richard Donner Superman Film. Too many of us the film and the score remains a classic, no doubt that I sure as heck feel that way. I for one love the original theme. It’s a personal theme, that gives me a great feeling, that I just can’t help but enjoy. The theme is a big, if not huge dilemma.

The John Williams theme was used in the Bryan Singer Directed Superman Returns. Scored by John Ottman, it was the best thing about the film hands down, the score was absolutly amazing. Now we’re facing the reboot, and questions lie on the Score of it alone.

Personally I have my own Answer, I doubt many would accept it, mainly because out of Love for the Film’s score and Other’s desire to trash it despite it’s long stance as Superman’s Theme. It’s perfectly fine to want something new, times have changed and people have changed. I understand the desire for a new Theme especially after hearing the Hans Zimmer James Newton Howard Scored Batman Theme trumping the Danny Elfman theme like it was the old 60’s theme. I also just as well understand the desire to keep the theme. It’s easier for some to replace Superman than it is the Superman Theme. It’s Superman’s theme, whenever many of us read an issue or graphic novel of Superman we hear this, we picture our own opening credit sequence and pretend it’s another Christopher Reeve outing. So I hope everyone knows that I understand the status quo on this I really do.

How I feel the score should be approached is basically catering to both groups. We do the O.C.(Opening Credit) Montage to the Classic, Well loved John Williams Theme and use it only there, Slowly transforming the music to the new modern Superman Theme. In this process we move from our beloved theme to the new theme to fit the Superman of this Generation.

The main point of doing this is to give John William’s score a last HOO-RA! And allow it to exit gracefully and with diginty, while allowing something new to enter.

There are the essential Pro’s and Con’s with my idea and I will adress the immediate and obvious of them.

Giving a last throwback to Reeves.
Giving us a chance to say goodbye to the theme.
Allowing old fans to feel more accepted.

New fans might be stupid enough to confuse this with Returns.
New fans or fans wanting to rescore completely would refuse to accept this idea.
Not something Zack Snyder might go for.

I am aware of all of this which is why I’m keeping this plainly my solution and not attempting to promote this idea beyond posting it on here. I also would like to adress the fact this is not a perfect idea and will not be adressed as such.

I understand need for new theme is neccessary, and at some point whether liked or not it will be re-scored with a new theme. Personally I like the idea of doing the John Williams theme at the Opening Credits and introducing new character themes and ending the film with a new score, and to continue all future Superman sequels with that theme.

I had got the idea for this while rewatching the J.J. Abrams Diredted Star Trek Reboot, while watching the ending Credits the theme over it was the 1960’s Star Trek Theme and had thought ‘What if they did something like this for Superman?’ And eventually ended up turning into this.

As I adressed that question I would like you to first Comment on this matter before Commenting on the Second Part.


Now this is apart of my fan cast that i had posted, but to retread with some youtube videos I feel would show you at what process my mind is in, in which I heard a particular theme in which I felt that particular composer would work for Superman.

1.JOHN WILLIAMS- He’s JOHN WILLIAMS, He is the Superman Score. JOHN WILLIAMS FTW. Of course it’s not going to happen this is more of me just saying that he could re-theme Superman. Thanks goes to youtube user: jayce79, for the video.

2.MICHAEL GIACCHINO- His Star Trek Score was beautiful and magnificent. His tones remembering it’s forfather in musical comparrison, and yet giving it a fresh feel. His themes fit the characters and situation making it an exceptional piece. many thanks to youtuber: rrud2, for the video

3.JOHN MURPHY- By now we’ve all hear his theme from the Sci-Fi Film Sunshine. It work so beautifully that it’s used for other films. No doubt he has the talent to compose a emotional beautiful alien score that would definitley fit inside the Superman Universe.Of course thanks goes to youtube videomaker: nvidia20082008, for the video

4.STEVE JABLONSKY- His score for the aweful Transformers film stands out as a positive thing from the franchise. His music is Heroic, emotional, and moves it’s scenes along better than the dialogue given in the scene. His work in a Superman film would be amazing. Thanks tributed to youtuber: GrantimusPrime90, for making the video.

5.JOHN OTTMAN- He did fine Scoring Superman Returns i see no reason to fix the unbroken. thank you youtube user: sanjuro4, for the video

6.TYLER BATES- Having minorally worked with Snyder on 300 and Watchmen, i’m sure both the fans and the filmmakers would love to reunite for a project such as this, takling it with such heart. thank you to youtube user: PAsandman, for this video.

7.BRAIN TYLER- His scores give the feeling of a great epic. Which match Superman in tone and status. with this said he would fit well working on a Superman film, the best work is often done by fans, an i would bet he is a Superman fan. I know no one here is a fan of DBE but you could at least admit this score is very well conducted, and the music in the video is very well conducted. Thank you youtube user: Biocarbs, for the video

8.HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS- He knows the boundries of Humanity and animality, his Wolverine score was very well composed and would be nice to see him design a Superman score using the themes of Humanity and Alienation. His Narnia work as showed in the video is the key theme that inspired the option. Thanks goes to youtube user: SoraTakenouchi93, for this video.

9.MARCO BELTRAMI- He gives comics a theme. his work is on the border to being legendary i feel he is by far on of the best Scorest in Modern Hollywood and his work on Superman could be great for a Modernization. Thanks tributed to youtuber: NinjaDoctor9, for the video.

10.CHRISTOPHER YOUNG- Having the misfortune of replacing Danny Elfman on Spider-Man 3, he had a great obstacle which he overcame with a great result, not only hitting the right strings for the brightness in the film, but also the self serving darkness, which is something required to score a Superman Film. Thanks to youtuber: luispachon007, for the video.

11.HANS ZIMMER JAMES NEWTON HOWARD- They’re work on Batman would serve as a nice comparison piece. They’re theme for Harvey is a beautiful happily orchestrated musical piece that until his transformation was part of the character. No doubt they could hit the right strings for a Superman Film. Thanks to youtuber: TheBatman777

12.BRUCE FAULCONER- I love his work on Dragonball Z his music is powerful and emotionally driven which leads me to wonder what his Superman theme would be. Thank you to youtube user: MrDBZgoku16, for the video.

13.MICHAEL WANDMACHER- He knows his way around character driven music and would fit well to do a modern, happy, “super” superman score. first to note, any comments about your opinion of the film Punisher War Zone will be deleted whether or not they regard Superman, I’m asking you to listen to the theme to see whether or not you feel this composer could in your opinion score Superman so in this guys case leave it at Yes or No, nothing about Punisher War Zone should appear. This is about Superman, i’m just using this video for reference on the subject nothing more. Thanks goes to youtuber: JARK86, for this video.

Please leave your comments below.


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