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I Am The King

You can call it a graphic novel or a comic book but that doesn’t change the fact that the original 12-page Superman comic book sold for $1.5 million (US). Those old Superman comics you threw away when you graduated from college may be worth more today than what your retirement fund will be in thirty years because serious collectors are prepared to pay big money for vintage comic books.

You could also call a virtual horse that sells for $6,001.00 (US) a ‘cartoon’ but that doesn’t change the fact that its owner was laughing all the way to the bank when he cashed his check before buying more of those cartoon horses on Virtual horse racing is becoming serious business for horse racing fans looking for online entertainment — and what can be more entertaining than having fun making money while racing horses online?

While is responsible for scheduling virtual races, it is the virtual horse racing community that takes responsibility for the direction of the game. Admittedly is primarily a horse racing website but it is obvious that ‘Digiturfers’ also enjoy buying and selling horses. That’s because ‘Digiturfers’ are only as good as their horses and virtual horses at are worth their weight in gold.

Horse racing buffs will know that horses can be sold in a claiming race at a fixed claiming price. Imagine how popular they are when players sold 4,600 horses worth $64,000.00 (US) through their claiming races in 2010. That’s $64,000.00 (US) cold cash for cartoon horses that a bank manager would probably accept as collateral.

Claiming races form the lowest rung in the hierarchy of horse racing, followed by maidens, before progressing through the division races and championships – but they’re not dumping grounds for bad horses because trainers know they can also turn a healthy profit running in claimers. For example, one seven-year old colt, Playwithmyemotion, was claimed and sold twice by three of his previous trainers, Cmr Racing, Steel Dragon Stables and Tuna Stables. Playwithmyemotion was so popular that he was claimed eleven times last year!

Claiming races are suitable for racing and selling the average horse but if you want to make real money on you want to sell your horses in the online auctions where the average bidding price is about $122.00 (US) Over 2,400 virtual horses were auctioned to the value of $300,000.00 (US) last year but the highest bid was for Secret Legend for $6,001.00 (US). Secret Legend went on to win three Championship titles while earning over $12,688.00 (US).

Top Ten Prices Paid for Horses on in 2010

You can call them ‘cartoon’ horses but they’re worth every penny!

If you’re looking to claim a really great horse then you can stake your claim in’s Cheltenham Gold Claimers where 30 claiming races have been programmed between March 14 and 18, 2011 with US$30.00 added sponsorships per race. They’re expected to attract the stronger horses that can compete for added sponsorships but their owners are prepared to sell at a reduced price so new players also compete in the virtual horse racing community. is also giving away free horses to all new players who join!


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