February 26, 2012: 2012 MegaCon Coverage


Superman Super Site contributing writer, Scott Doran had the opportunity to attend the recent 2012 MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and has submitted the following report covering his trip to the convention:

MegaCon 2012 is a comic book convention that takes place in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. It normally takes place near at the end of the first quarter, and this year it was February 17th thru February 19th. There was an array of host hotels around the area, which are listed at www.megaconvention.com. The website is also the place to get the MegaCon three-day pass, which has the added benefit of getting in the dealer’s room an hour early for the first day.

The dealer’s room was the largest that I have ever seen. It was the size of five football fields or two air hangars in one large space. It was filled with vendors that specialized in costuming, games, and comics, as well as comic artists, writers, celebrities in the sci-fi/comic media. Superman-related guests were Valerie Perrine, who is best known to Superman fans as Miss Eve Teschmacher, Lex Luthor’s girlfriend from the first two Superman movies; and Richard Leparmenter, who played the TV reporter that covered East Houston, Idaho when the Phantom Zone criminals invaded that small town and is best known for his role as Admiral Motti, Darth Vader’s “first” Force choke from Star Wars: Episode IV. Comic guests were Dan Jurgens, who is well known for The Death and Return of Superman Trilogy and the New 52’s Justice League International; Tim Sale, the artist for Superman for All Seasons; and the legendary George Perez, known for his work on The New Teen Titans, Action Comics and his run on the new 52 Superman, not to mention that he is the featured guest artist for this year’s Metropolis Superman Celebration.

Mr. Perez is the founder of the Hero’s Initiative, a non-profit organization for retired comic book artists who can’t afford medical bills and other retirement benefits. There were a lot of Cosplayers that had costumes of the new 52 characters, and they were posing for pictures with fans for donations to the organization.

As I went to the celebrity panel, friends that I know that come to Metropolis, Jeffrey Breslauer and Dough Hubler, and I spoke with Ms. Perrine about her interest in coming to Metropolis. As Dough was talking with her, convincing her to speak with the Metropolis people if they approach her to be a celebrity guest for this year’s Superman Celebration, she said, “by all means!” Keep those fingers crossed!

Normally at cons, the last day is special – as in special deals. I have never seen any fans line up for a dealer’s room like they did at MegaCon. It looked like Black Friday, but sadly there were not any special deals from the vendors.

MegaCon was a well-organized comic convention. It was friendly, family-oriented, and family-owned. It was a busy con, but not hectic or frenzied like Dragon*Con. It was smaller than Dragon* Con, but with more open spaces, you could actually breathe.

Megacon is held in Orlando, Florida, which is also the home of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and many other themed attractions. Orlando is home of the imagination and, quite fittingly, it brings it to life.

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