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It’s surprising how much can be squeezed out of a single sheet of paper. The spoiler phobic should turn back now because there’s a lot of Man of Steel bits and pieces to come, all divined from a single document.

So, the first call sheet to leak from the production of Zack Snyder‘s next gives details of several shots across two very distinct sequences. One is set in a logger’s bar, where Clark appears to be working a rather unglamorous job.

But the other is set on Krypton.

Here are the descriptions, verbatim. We’ll discuss what they reveal after you’ve had a chance to pick them over yourself:

In a bar, singer, background music, beer cans thrown, airmen will have beer on them. Traces of snow. Beers thrown, logging trucks, pickup trucks, snow mobiles.

Scene 62-1: Int Cassidy’s Roadhouse
Clark walks in the building, Ludlow comes over, an argument with Ludlow.

Scene 62-2: Int Cassidy’s Roadhouse
Clark intervenes, Ludlow throws a beer in his face, Clark has to hold himself in check.

Scene 63: Int Cassidy’s Roadhouse
Later – Ludlow throws up on somebody, complains about the food.

Scene 11: Int Central Hub-Underwater-VFX
Number five (Jor-El) swims up to the central hub, retrieves Codex, alarms go off, dives back under

scene 25: Ext House Of El-Armory-VFX
Number 11 (Lara) touches number 5?s (Russell Crowe) armor, where someone’s sword went through, an energy lance

Scene 17-1: Int House Of El-Armory-VFX
Number 5 dons armor, energy lance, Kelex, sounds of Attack

Scene 16-1: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
Number 5 and ? .. Kelex and ? comes through the doors into birthing room

Scene 16-2 thru – 16-7: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
Number 5 and 11 say goodbye to baby number 1

Scene 16-8: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
#46 placed on table … Codex infused into number 46?s heart

Scene 181-2: Int House Of El-Observatory (Flashback)-VFX
Number 5 triggers blue …begins which penetrates number 46?s heart

Scene 16-9 thru – 16-13: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
Number 46 pod closes and goes into air

Scene 19-1 19-2: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
High Shot …number 5 and 11 watch from below

Let’s take it point by point.

  • Elsewhere on the call sheet you’ll see that the singer in the bar is being played by one Alison Crowe, though I suspect they may mean Allison Crowe, a native of British Columbia – which is not too far, I believe, from where the scene was filmed.
  • Ludlow is being played by Ian Tracey. Sounds like a fun part. Puking and fighting and being an annoying bar brawl type.
  • We’ve seen images of Clark in his bar staff get up before.
  • All of these loggers around. We know what’s going to happen to at least one of their trucks.
  • It seems Jor-El has been stabbed with something sword-like called an energy lance. Sounds… familiar.
  • One of the scenes on Krypton was shot for a flashback. Something about “blue” going into a baby’s heart. That’s not Superman lore as I know it…
  • Kelex is mentioned, while Tor-An is listed as being on hold, perhaps for a travel day. The former was created by John Byrne as part of the Kal-El birthing story, which seems to be directly relevant to these scene descriptions; the latter is apparently a crony of Zod, at some point consigned to the Phantom Zone in issues of the comics that I have never read.

Here’s a scan of the Callsheet thanks to Pittsburgh Movies, via Comic Book Movie. Perhaps you’ll be able to wheedle out more clues.

Man of Steel is due in US cinemas on June 14, 2013. It could be some time before we see a trailer, or even a teaser, but these little tidbits have certainly stoked the fires of interest for now.


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