DC Comics To Offer Exclusive Batman & Superman Prints At WonderCon


Batmobile Print

DC Comics and Graphitti Designs announced today that the two are offering up some exclusives DC art prints for sale to attendees at this weekend’s WonderCon in Anaheim, CA.

The three available prints feature stylish renditions of the worlds of two of the publishing company’s most iconic characters: Superman and Batman.

The first print is done in an almost blueprint/schematic style that showcases several different Batmobiles, with the phrase “Choose Your Ride” at the bottom and would be an excellent gift for your favorite Geeks of Doom writer who also happens to have a birthday coming up the weekend after this convention.

The second would also make a great gift for the same writer as it features a stylistic redesign of The World’s Greatest Detective, Batman, in an beat-up, near-terrifying image that reminds me of Scott Snyder’s recent Court of Owls storyline when Batman’s eye-piece gets broken and his bloodshot eyeball is left staring into your soul, haunting your dreams and turning them into nightmares. The phrase, “I Will Find You” is placed at the bottom of this print, and if you know anything about Batman, you know that this is a true statement. It’s also worth mentioning that this stylistic portrayal of The Caped Crusader appears to be done in the style of a propaganda poster, which, regardless of the message, have a distinct and awesome style. If I were at WonderCon, I’d be buying this poster, for sure.

Lastly is the Superman related poster that features an almost art-deco take on Superman’s home away from home, Kandor. But what’s more than just the style of art is that it is very reminiscent of a poster that you would see on the walls of a travel agency. Featuring an image of Superman flying around the city, this poster showcases some of the highest and most beautiful towers while also reminding you of its bottled nature with the phrase, “The City That Rests In The Palm Of Your Hands.” This poster would make a perfect purchase for anyone that’s a Superman fan and wants to represent their fandom with something a little more original and stylish than an Alex Ross print and less expensive that a giant Mondo poster of The Fortress of Solitude.

All three of these prints will be available on Graphitti Design’s WonderCon this weekend at booth #601 for purchase at the price of $49.95 each. The only downside is that they’re going to be extremely limited to only 100 copies of each design, so get there early and make sure you have plenty of money on hand if you want to purchase all three… or if you’re generous and want to buy your favorite comics news guy something for his birthday. Just sayin’.

For full looks at each of these awesome designs and more information on possible future prints from the publishing company, make sure to check out their newly redesigned website.

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