CBR TV @ WC12: Joe Kelly on “Superman vs. The Elite” & Working in Animation


CBR TV @ WC12: Joe Kelly on “Superman vs. The Elite” Working in Animation

Veteran comic book and animation writer Joe Kelly spoke with CBR TV at the world famous CBR Tiki Lounge during WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA to discuss writing the latest DC animated feature, “Superman vs. The Elite,”

Kelly kicked things off by providing some background on “Superman vs. The Elite,” based on his “Action Comics” #775 story, and how he came to write the animated film. He also discussed the benefit of having some distance from the material to expand it from a one-shot into a feature-length story and placing it outside of just the super hero setting of the comic version.

Looking back at the original story, Kelly recalled writing it from a place of anger. After reading an issue of “The Authority” that rubbed him the wrong way, the story was meant to provide another voice on the subject of super hero comics and fandom.

The conversation turned to the notion of whether Superman belongs in today’s world, but also why people ask this question of Superman and not other comic book icons such as Batman. Kelly thinks Superman’s world view puts him in a more difficult position than other heroes in that his power is limited only by his morals and his belief in humanity.

Kelly then spoke about some of his unfinished comic book projects at Image Comics — “Bad Dog” and “Four Eyes” — and promised there is more coming. He also revealed he has several more new comics in the works, but has learned his lesson about not soliciting until the project is completed. Kelly chalked up the delays due to his own personal bandwidth, and is working to crank out more comic book material in the future.

Finally, Kelly and Jonah Weiland discussed the success of various comic book characters in animation and movies but not translating to new readers of comic books.

From: http://video.comicbookresources.com/cbrtv/2012/cbr-tv-wc12-joe-kelly-on-superman-vs-the-elite-working-in-animation/

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