Superman Earth One Fancast by STARKILLER21


I read Superman Earth One, it is the not the best or worst Superman Graphic Novel out there. I like Grant Morrison’s run on All-Star Superman, DC Relaunch of Action Comics, I like his Batman ones as well. I read that Superman Grounded, it was pretty good by the guy who wrote Superman Earth One.
I know not many were pleased of how Superman Earth One turned out to be, making Superman wear a hoodie, how the main villain looked like a space pirate who is a big fan of David Bowie. Or how the Superman suit looked, I didn’t love it nor hate it, atleast when he had the “S” on the back of his cape and you can see the “S” without having to squint for a second.

I would see atleast 4 films

1. “The Man of Tomorrow”, Zod serves as the main antagonist.
The usual Clark Kent tries to have a normal life but struggles with his “gifts” he has. When an unknown enemy (Zod), and his army from “The Phantom Zone” escape and cause havock throughout the Earth. With no one standing in their way, General Zod searches for “Kal-El” son of Jor-El who betrayed Zod back in Krypton. Clark Kent knowing sooner or later they will find him, he dons the iconic Suit and become “Superman” to save mankind from General Zod.

2. “Brainiac Attacks”, Brainiac is the main antagonist.
About 3 years after Movie 1, Superman is loved by all throughout Metropolis and all over the world. However Brainiac comes to Earth to gather the information he needs then destroying the Earth. Superman then discovers from a now prisoned General Zod that it was truly Brainiac who destroyed their home planet Krypton. Warning Superman that if he doesn’t stop Brainiac from gathering all of the information on the planet. Earth will suffer the same fate as Krypton did many years prior.
Knowing he cannot let that happen Superman must do whatever it takes to stop Brainiac from destroying the Earth.

3. “The Man of Steel”, Luthor, Metallo, Parasite are the antagonists.
6 months after Movie 2, John Corben, who is near death makes a deal with Lex Luthor, which Lex will give him a new “heart” but must work for him. With a Kryptonite heart, Corben plans to use his “heart” to kill The Man of Steel for failing to save his sister. A new villain named Parasite joins forces with “Metallo” to help kill the Man of Steel. However not knowing to both, they are pawns to Luthor’s ultimate goal, knowing he is outnumbered, Superman must call on upon a favor from an old friend, to help him defeat the 3 enemies, who is best known as “The Dark Knight”.

4. “Superman Apokalips”- Darkseid is the antagonist of Movie 4.
Now in a relationship with Lois Lane, Clark decides if he should reveal his identity to Lois that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. However fate has different plans as Darkseid plans an Invasion on Earth, which Darkseid plans Earth to be his new Apokalips.
With the army of Apokalips on Earth, Orion the son of Darkseid comes to aid with Man of Steel with his army from New Genesis to battle Darkseid for the fate of Earth. Batman knowing Earth and the people all over the world live’s are the balance comes to aid The Man of Steel.

I’ll start with the main characters, minor characters, then Villains.

I have 2 choices for Superman.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman/Kal-El.

Reason- He is going to be Superman in the new film, well I originally wanted a younger to play Superman in Earth One but thought since Cavill is playing Superman in the Reboot, I thought he should do it. Well since he is 28, I thought to cast a younger actor for the first film then Cavill taking over as Superman. I still have to say Cavill is the best choice for the Man of Steel in the big screen and I know he is going to do a great job as Superman.


Richard Madden as Clark Kent/Superman/Kal-El.

Reason- I am trying to be original, despite casting him as Luke Skywalker in my Star Wars Fancast. The guy is good actor, only saw him on Game of Thrones, which he does a good job on. If his hair was black, he would be a good pick for Superman in a Superman Earth One film and he is 25 making him a good choice.
If this happened, Madden will play Superman once then Cavill will take over after the first film.

Olivia Wilde or Anna Kendrick as Lois Lane.

Reason for Olivia Wilde- She is a fan favorite for the role of Lois Lane, I believe she can pull off this role. She is a year younger then Henry Cavill and is 3 years older then Richard Madden. Atleast it isn’t like Amy Adams and Henry Cavill’s age gap 9 YEARS. If Olivia was cast in a Superman Film, let it be a Superman Earth One. She was good on House, Cowboys and Aliens, decent on TRON Legacy.
Reason for Anna Kendrick- Someone before said she is a good choice for Lois Lane in a Superman film, she was great on that Up in the Air. If I got the title wrong just correct me later on. Anyways she is 2 years younger then Cavill and is a year older then Richard Madden. I liked her on Up in the Air and Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Jennifer Conolley and Eric Bana as Lara and Jor-El

Reasons Bana- Eric Bana is a great actor, he was good on, The Other Boleyn Girl, Black Hawk Down, Star Trek Reboot and Hanna. I knew right away he is a good choice for Jor-El, he is 43. He can pull off Jor-El without a doubt.
Reason for Conolley- She too is a good actress, despite being on a bad Hulk film she was a good choice for the role she was cast. Only saw her in a couple films such as Blood Diamond, Dark City, Requim for a Dream. She looks like Lara from the comics (well not much) but she is a good choice for Lara.
Other choices in groups.
– Jim Caviezal and Dogmara (last name too hard to pronounce, too lazy to look it up in the moment).
-Michael Fassbender and Rose Byrne.
-Sean Bean and Lena Hedley.
-James McAvoy and Emily Blunt.
-Jonathon Rye Meyers and Natalie Dormer
-Neil Patrick Harris and Colbie Smulders. Ok that one is a joke.

Sean Bean and Michelle Fairley as Jonathon and Martha Kent.

Reason Sean Bean- I like Sean Bean, he is a good actor, as Boromir, Ned Stark, 006. Sean Bean can do an epic job of any role he given well he’ll have to like the script. He mentioned before he is a fan of Superman, he might too old for Jor-El but not too old for Jonathon Kent and he can do a great as if given a chance.
Reason for Michelle Fairely- So far only saw her on Game of Thrones as Catelyn Stark. I didn’t the character in the books but after Book 3, I sort of started to like her, her performance is great on the show. My cousin’s ex girlfriends brother was an extra on GoT, he told me that Michelle is one of the nicest people out of filming. Which made me think she can pull off Martha Kent, if Sean Bean and Michelle Fairley were chosen as the Kents they’ll do a great job.
Other choices- Ed Harris and Meryl Streep, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.

Caleb Landry Jones- Jimmy Olsen

Reason- When I saw him on X-Men First Class I thought it was rather Ron Weasley’s stunt double or Jimmy Olsen who grew a perm. Either way I knew I got Jimmy Olsen how he acts on First Class reminds me of Jimmy on the clutsy parts mostly. If given a chance he can play a awesome Jimmy Olsen.

Peter Dinklage as Perry White

Reason- He is Tyrion Lannister the only guy who can B***H SLAP Joffrey and get away with it. If you seen ELF, he can pull off Perry White, desipte being a cameo. Besides (I am NOT trying to be rude) if they made a Superman Earth One film and NO ONE knew who they cast as Perry White. Then during the movie, Clark enters Perry’s office, Perry is shown looking out the window on his chair, Perry White turns around and he is a dwarf (sorry again for sounding rude).
My Point is Peter Dinklage would be an awesome and funny Perry White.
(note after Dinklage, their are NO more GoT actors in this fancast).

If you guys don’t like that cast, it was a just a tease, sorry. However if you don’t like my actual pick then IDK. Comment another choice.

Laurance Fishburne- Perry White

Fishburne is perfect for this role without a doubt so I am keeping him as Perry White. Another reason is he is a very good actor he was great on CSI, The Matrix, Predators. Perry White is Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kents boss on Daily Planet. His catchphrase is “Great Ceasar’s ghost”.

Emma Stone as Lana Lang.

Reason- Before she was cast as Gwen Stacey in Amazing Spider-Man, she was a perfect choice for Lana Lang or Mary Jane Watson. She is a good actress, I liked her on Zombieland, Superbad, she suprised me on The Help, which by way is a good movie. I can easily see Emma Stone as Lana Lang. Besides she is 4 years younger then Cavill and she is a year younger then Richard Madden.

Dominic Purcell as Orion

Reason- The guy is another fan favorite for the role Orion son of Darkseid and adopted son of Highfather. Dom was a bad Dracula but he could redeem his comic book movie status playing Orion. He is a good actor, watch Prison Break he is good on there.

Sam Witwer as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Reason- The guy is the best choice to take over as Batman once Bale leaves after The Dark Knight Rises. The guy was great as Starkiller on Star Wars Force Unleashed 1-2, Aidan on Being Human, Battlestar Galacitca and did an AWESOME job as Darth Maul on Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 5 Finale. He is 33 and is 4 years older then Cavill and is 6 years older then Madden. My point is he can pull off Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Villains for Superman Earth One.

Ray Stevenson as General Zod

Reason- Ray Stevenson is perfect for General Zod, but I believe Michael Shannon will do great as Zod, as long HE says “KNEEL BEFORE ZOD”. Ray was awesome on ROME, Punisher Warzone and was funny on THOR. I believe he can pull off a great Zod and he is the same age as Bana.
Other choices- Viggo Mortenson, Nikolaj Coster-Waldeu

Eva Green as Faora.

Reason- Eva is a great choice for Faora, WATCH her on Casino Royale, CAMELOT and that creepy incest/threeway love film. I know that other chick would do a good job as Faora but wouldn’t mind seeing how Eva Green would turn out as Faora. I know, I cast Eva Green in my KOTOR Fancast, DAO Fancast but she is good actress. I seen Dark Shadows last night, pretty good movie I say. She was pretty good on the movie and funny but wasn’t paying full attention as I was staring 8 inches south of her. If you don’t get the joke, I’ll comment below.

Ralph Fiennes as Brainiac

Reason- I like the actor, he was an awsome Voldermort on Harry Potter Movie Series, Hades on Clash of the Titans. He has the voice to sound like Brainiac and he will motion capture the character. Brainiac is not really a villain but would be in Earth One’s Sequel.

Stephen Dorff as Lex Luthor

Reason- Stephen is a good actor, he was good on Power of One, BLADE, Backbeat, Somewhere. I forget who originally put Stephen Dorff as Luthor is a good choice and thanks to who thought of him as Luthor.
Luthor will have a cameo on Movie 1, becomes a priimary antagonist on Movie II, becomes the main Antagonist of Movie 3.

Brian Austion Green as John Corben/Metallo

Reason- I thought he was a good choice for Metallo after seeing him on SMALLVILLE. Despite how the character was treated, I would like the character to be darker then he was on SMALLVILLE. I am sure if given another chance he will do a great job as Metallo.
Metallo is the main villain in Movie 3, well one of the 3 villains.

Tony Todd as the voice of Parasite.

Reason- A few others put him as Parasite, I for one like this option he has the voice to pull it off. He was creepy on Candyman films, good on the Crow, he did a good job as the voice of “The Fallen” on Transformers 2, luckily they didn’t Leonard Nimoy to voice The Fallen like they originally supposeto. Tony Todd can do an awesome job as the voice of Parasite.
Parasite is one of the 3 villains in Movie 3.

Kathy Bates as Granny Goodness

Reason- WATCH HER on Misery, after watching that movie you will know why I cast Kathy Bates as Granny Goodness.

Andre Braugher as the voice of Darkseid.

Reason- I for one is getting SICK of people picking Michael Ironside over and over again. To be honest I am getting sick of him voicing Darkseid, I for one liked Andre Braugher’s job as Darkseid. He did a great job voicing him on SUPERMAN/BATMAN: APOCALYPSE. He DESERVES a second chance to voice Darkseid, he was great on the role.
Also Glen Jacobs best known as “Kane” in WWE will motion capture Darkseid.
Darkseid is the main antagonist of Movie 4.


I hope you guys liked my fancast, comment below.

Next week, I’ll start my fancast for a Justice League film which I have 4-5 film arc. Then posting an hour long, 15 episodes of a possible HBO Dragon Age Origins tv series, yeah I wrote 15 episodes.


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