Atomic Skull Stars In New "Superman Vs. The Elite" Clip


Warner Home Video and DC Entertainment have released four more screenshots and an all-new clip featuring the Atomic Skull from “Superman Vs. The Elite,” the June 12-releasing DC Comics Premiere Movie. The story, adapted by Joe Kelly from his and Doug Mahnke’s oversized “Action Comics” #775, features the Man of Steel as he takes on Manchester Black and the Elite, a super-powered group of supposed heroes with a tendency to leave their opponents dead.

Check out the clip, images and official description of the movie below.

Official Description

The Elite isn’t the only villainous opponent the Man of Steel faces in SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE. Here is an official clip, courtesy of Warner Home Video, that features Superman battling the Atomic Skull.

In SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE, Superman’s effectiveness as a super hero comes into question when a new group of super powerful crusaders, known as “The Elite,” appear on the scene. As super heroes, the Elite know no bounds, and are more than willing to kill, even on a massive scale, to stop villainy — putting them on a collision course with the ever-ethical, yet preferably non-lethal Man of Steel.

The all-new, PG-13 rated film is scripted by award-winning comics writer Joe Kelly and the story is adapted from his original 2001 DC Comics release, “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?� The single-issue comic, Action Comics #775, was lauded by Wizard Magazine as the “Greatest Superman Story of All Time,� and ranked the epic tale at No. 21 on its list of the “Top 100 Comics of the last 30 years.�

The film is directed by Michael Chang (Batman: Brave and the Bold). Bruce Timm (Batman: Year One) is executive producer, and Alan Burnett (Green Lantern: Emerald Knights) is producer.

SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE, a DC Comics Premiere Movie, arrives June 12, 2012 from Warner Home Video.

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