Early Look At Sideshow’s Superman Premium Format Figure


With the San Diego Comic-Con only a few weeks away, Sideshow Collectibles is gearing up for a massive presentation of their new statues and busts. Each week, they’ve been teasing their SDCC lot on their production blog and this weekend they spent some time giving fans an early look at their Superman Premium Format Figure.

Sculpted by Andy Bergholtz, the Superman Premium Format Figure is one of many in Sideshow’s upcoming DC Comics releases. Bergholtz has been working diligently at Sideshow HQ on the 1/4th scale Superman statue, having completed their Batman Premium Format Figure. In the photo above you can see him putting together pieces of the prototype sculpt with illustrator Kris Anka’s concept artwork and reference material on his desk.

They went on to reveal that the statue isn’t based on any specific comic book version of the Man of Steel, rather the ultimate amalgamation that should please fans of the character. Early sketches (seen below) did suggest he’s pre-New 52, with the red underwear but there’s always a chance that may have changed.

Superman stands atop a Fortress of Solitude ice base staring into the distance (or down with eyes stern and burning red with the alternate head).

Stay tuned to the League of Comic Geeks for more Sideshow updates as we get closer to the San Diego Comic-Con International.

superman premium format figure concept

From: http://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/news/1684/early-look-at-sideshows-superman-premium-format-figure

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