Comic-Con: Henry Cavill Joining ‘Man Of Steel’ Panel


Man of Steel

by Ryan J. Downey

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s Henry Cavill at Comic-Con!

Superman himself will pay a surprise visit to Hall H alongside his “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder on Saturday (July 14), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Warner Bros. had previously announced that the “Watchmen” director would be on-hand to unveil footage from his big-budget reboot of the DC Universe’s most well known character. But there was no mention of Cavill, who will don the red and blue in “Man of Steel,” due in theaters next year.

“Henry Cavill was actually the first one we physically tested on film,” Synder recently said in an interview. “We actually tested him in the Christopher Reeve Superman suit. And that was a big deal. That’s a hard suit to pull off.” The “Man of Steel” panel will presumably offer an extremely anticipated first look at Cavill in action as both Superman and arguably the most well known alter ego ever, Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.

The teaser footage reportedly clocks in just under 90 seconds and will be attached to prints of that other movie from DC parent Warner Bros., “The Dark Knight Rises,” next week. A decade ago, Warner had planned to connect Batman and Supeman onscreen together in a “Vs.” movie helmed by Wolfgang Petersen. For now, we’ll have to settle for the two JLA members to share a composer (Hans Zimmer scored “The Dark Knight Rises” and is working on “The Man of Steel”) with fingers crossed that Warner can establish an onscreen universe as connected as “The Avengers.”

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