Superman: Man of Steel trailer uses Hobbit magic to tease fans but causes outcry


By now, fans who saw the movie The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend, have seen the teaser trailer that Warner Brothers and DC comics have released for the upcoming flick Man of Steel. It is a short 1:33 minute clip that has fans clamoring for more.

Others were expecting to see the two and a half minute trailer that was shown to a few Comic-Con attendees. And although it was leaked this weekend by a fan-based site, it was quickly taken down at the request of the studio.

Many fans have described the teaser trailer as both haunting and beautiful, but relatively short. Yet, many other fans are disappointed and downright outraged that a billion-dollar industry, such as Warner Brothers, could not come up with an original score in time for the expected release of the high profile trailer of the Man of Steel.

YouTube user thetruegladiator commented: “I was a bit disappointed. I mean? the trailer looks good but why not come with original music.”

Trenton Massey on YouTube writes: “The problem with it being used for man of steel is it makes it unoriginal. Are they really not willing to put the? extra work into a movie to make it its own, especially one that is going to be as big as Man of Steel? They are getting lazy. I definitely thought a movie like Man of Steel would have deserved its own original soundtrack.”

While ugirl2, posted, “…peeps in hollywood are cheap and dont wanna pay for expensive original soundtracking.”

Many Lord of the Rings fans are furious that Warner Brothers and DC Comics opted to do this and question if the studio is purposely trying to pull a fast one on them. They consider it a huge blunder that the studio took the liberty to use their beloved Lord of the Rings music score in Superman’s teaser trailer.

YouTube user, MissEmcat24 said, “With Man of Steel, it was almost like they thought they could slide it past us. Nope. Not for those of us with decent music memory. It was just cheap.”

And Allyson tweeted, “I 100% do NOT approve of the use of Gandalf’s death theme in the new superman trailer. *extreme fangirl rage* #ManOfSteel #LotR”

And it’s because The Lord of the Rings was such a high profile epic movie that has most middle earth fans up in a twist. The consensus seems to be to the tune of: How dare they? Twitter user, Stephanie Ward tweeted “LOTR song in the Man of Steel trailer!?! Boycotting it. Don’t use Gandalf’s lamenting song all willy nilly! #Lotr #manofsteel #ohhellno”

Leah tweeted, “Is it okay to not want to see #ManofSteel because it stole music from the amazing #LOTR trilogy? #wearenotthatdumb”

And nastymunky commented on youTube with “…This track is way too special for LOTR fans to be used around like that, then again, respect to the MoS? producers but I personally didn’t like that. No offense.”

And Facebook users were not much kinder either. Superman fans generally liked the teaser trailer but would have preferred that the studio would have used a much lesser known music score. Such as the one from the film, The Thin Red Line, that was used in the Man of Steel Comic-Con trailer.

Yet others were much more amused with the selection. Bagelthief239 wrote on YouTube: “Knew they used elvish music for? Man of Steel. This song took me straight back to middle earth :D”

And Naomi tweeted, ” ‘May the light of Elendil guide all viewers of the Man of Steel trailer here.’ #LotR #ManOfSteel”

By and large, most fans of the Man of Steel agree that using the music score from one of the most recognizable films in the industry, as is The Lord of the Rings, was a mistake. Or perhaps Warner Brothers is using a strategic marketing ploy to get all those Lord of the Rings fans fired up. After all, The Hobbit trailer screened during The Dark Knight Rises film over the weekend too.


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