Superman-Wonder Woman romance rocks DC Comics


Superman has a new girlfriend, and she’s no mere mortal.

In a radical reboot of its venerable Superman narrative, DC Comics has scrapped the Man of Steel’s marriage to Lois Lane and given him a new love interest. And it’s a fellow superhero in her own right: Wonder Woman.

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The new relationship between the comics icons is dramatized on the cover of Justice League #12, which goes on sale Aug. 29. The two superhumans are locked in a passionate embrace on the verge of a kiss, as rendered by renowned DC Comics artist (and co-publisher) Jim Lee.

And no, it’s not a dream: They’re not androids or alien imposters, and the story line is not a one-issue gimmick either. “This is the new status quo,’’ writer Geoff Johns told Entertainment Weekly.

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Superman and Wonder Woman will fall into one another’s arms as a result of a cataclysmic event that affects the Justice League, and the relationship will reverberate across DC’s entire landscape of villains and superheroes, Johns told EW. While the hero and heroine usually have to hide their alter egos from civilian significant others, now they can be themselves with one another.

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Johns and Lee know the Superman-Wonder Woman hookup may stir an uproar among hardcore fans, and they are perfectly fine with that. It’s hard to argue with their track records, given that Lee was part of the best-selling comic ever, an issue of X-Men that sold eight million copies in one month in 1991. As for Johns, he has written multiple New York Times best-selling graphic novels featuring icons like Green Lantern and Superman.

”Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows,” Lee told EW. “We welcome the watercooler chatter.”

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