Video: Deconstructing the Superman/Wonder Woman kiss


If you’re any kind of comics fan, you’ve probably seen this week’s most talked-about cover: the kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman on the front of Justice League issue 12.

Though this isn’t the first time the two heroes have locked lips, the image is still a little shocking; after all, longtime Superman fans are accustomed to seeing him with another brunette, Lois Lane.

In this video from DC Comics, artist Jim Lee talks about the issue. (Note: I had to put the embedded clip after the jump because of the annoying autoplay!)

And here’s a fun time-lapse video where you can see Lee actually drawing the cover.

If you want a copy of the book, you’ll have to wait until the second printing; after receiving a pile of media coverage, the first printing sold out.

Over at Buzzfeed, you can peek at Lee’s cover for the second printing (out Sept. 26), which shows a slight variation on the kiss.


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