Who DC comics should bring back into the New 52 and why


Since DC decided to reveal their New 52 line of comics there has been speculation on who they’d bring back. In the previous DC Universe there were several characters who were very underutilized. Certain characters I would like to see return with a much larger role in the New 52 universe, I’ve chosen for specific reasons below. Through out this article I will list 5 characters (heroes and villains) who should definitely be brought back with larger roles and character development.

5. Livewire

I’m not very impressed with how they left Livewire pre- New 52. Livewire could be an epic villian and just a psychotic as the Joker if given the chance… Her powers have so much potential that she could literally be capable of taking on the entire Justice League if she so chooses.

4. Imperiex

Imperiex is the Onslaught of the DC Universe… he deserves so much more than just a story arc. He’s an amazing villain who needs to be a recurring threat.

3. Connor Hawk

Connor has such potential that wasn’t truly explored, he was always in his father’s shadow. I’d like to see him return as maybe Black Arrow with his own story lines.

2. The Ray/ Ray Terrill

The Ray is an awesome character all around. His origins being the son of the original Ray who told him he was light sensitive as well as his early stories. Superman even went to him for advice after he became pure electricity. He’s usually used as a back up character in many stories, but I think he’d be great leading a team or even teaming up with Green Lantern and Firestorm in multiple issues.

1. Outburst/ Mitch Anderson

We never got much character development from Mitch, other than seeing him a couple times in the Death of Superman, again in Funeral For a Friend and then returning in the pages of Superman and finally Supermen of America. An incredibly under rated Superhero who reminds me of DC Comics own version of Spider-man.

Outburst has the capability of being a great B list hero but people never really got a chance to realize who he was because of DC’s under utilization of him. There’s so much potential that stands there untapped. I could definitely see him making his way into the Superhero scene how he the writers had him want to, as Superman’s side kick.

During the Death of Superman, Mitch Anderson was a teenager with long hair and trouble at home. His father left just a few weeks before Doomsday’s attack. Mitch hated Superman, thought he was a “Dweeb” but when Superman came and fought Doomsday protecting Mitch’s family something happened to Anderson making him want to find who he was. At Superman’s monument during Funeral for a Friend, it was a conversation he had with Bibbo and Jimmy Olsen which made Mitch turn his life around and strive to be more like Superman. He blamed himself for Superman’s death feeling that if he hadn’t come to save his family from the monster, Superman would still be alive. It’s this moment that lit the fire inside Mitch Anderson and caused him to become the hero Outburst after his meta human abilities surfaced.

These are my choices… I’d like to find out who you think they should bring back… If you agreed or disagreed with my choices. But if you begin ripping my article apart with ridiculous comments you will be reported. This is an opinion piece, and only constructive criticism should be given.

From: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/lanternstorm/news/?a=67420

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