"InJustice: Gods Among Us" is Being Made Into a Comic


InJustice: Gods Among Us is the next fighting game from the studio behind Mortal Kombat, though this one stars all DC comics characters—Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. Justice League, you know the type.

Today, NetherRealm Studios head Ed Boon said that the game is getting its own comic.

“We’re working on an InJustice comic book to carry the story and tell the events that came before the game,” Boon said. “With a game like Mortal Kombat, so many things spawned from there, like the movie. Obviously the extreme version is it would spawn a lot more things, but I know for sure we are making an InJustice comic.”

Given the characters, we’re guessing the plot in InJustice: Gods Among Us will be better than most fighting games’ stories. Let’s hope so, at least. Should InJustice be made into a comic just because it stars comic book characters? Tell us what you think.

 [via Polygon]

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