Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Panel – New York Comic Con 2012


The Dark Knight Returns

For years, Batman fans have clamored over the best Batman comics.  You have heard the list before and it usually starts with Frank Miller’s cult classic, The Dark Knight Returns.  Personally, this story is what hooked me into comics.  Seeing Bruce Wayne struggle with himself, a completely unique Joker, and basically kick Superman’s ass, is definitely a good story if you ask me. 

Most recently, fans have been lucky to see their favorite story come to life in a collection of DC animated films that span over 15 major titles.  Films like Superman and Batman: Public Enemies and Batman: Year One, have had great success and now Batman: The Dark Knight Returns has come.  With part 1 already out on DVD, DC was ready to present new, unseen footage at this year New York Comic Con.

As the panel began, Warner Home Video’s Gary Miereanu, began to moderate and tease the fans with what’s to come throughout the panel, including a copy of part 1 signed by various cast members of the Dark Knight Returns part 1.  But before any new footage was shown, fans were treated to a sneak peak of a new animated film coming in the spring of 2013.  Similar to the video game, Lego Batman: DC Heroes Unite finds Batman teaming up with his fellow Justice League buddies, to fight Lex Luthor and the Joker.  The trailer was similar to the cut scenes from the game and fans really enjoyed the humor that only Lego can bring to Batman.  After the trailer, Gary was ready to get down to business.

Without wasting time, Gary finally presented the anxious crowd with its first never before seen trailer.  The teaser began with dialogue from Bruce Wayne, as he is speaking to none other than Superman.  Throughout the dialogue, we are given scenes that range from the Joker wreaking havoc at a carnival to the issuing of a warrant for the arrest of Batman.  The dialogue is centered on the fact that Batman and Superman are on opposite sides of “the law”.  As Superman is yelling at Batman about his criminal like behavior, Batman responds with, “We have always been criminals.”  This of course leads to an epic fight scene between the two iconic characters that, SPOLIER ALERT…leads to the “death” of Batman/Bruce Wayne.

When the clip ended, Gary introduced the key speakers, Andrea Romana and well-known Executive Producer, Bruce Timm.  The session continued with various questions from Gary to both speakers and Bruce and Andrea both stressed the importance of making this a unique film.  They wanted it to stand out among some of the great animated films of the past few years.  Bruce stated that right from the beginning he knew it had to be a 2-part film and that it need to be green lighted for back-to-back production.  He also said that for this film to be distinctive, it required a great cast of 33 actors, some voicing 3 characters.  Besides not having usual voices like Mark Hamil as the Joker, he also wanted the music to stand out as well.  He complimented Christopher Lozinski’s musical insight and how he used synthesizers from the 80s throughout the film, but also included an orchestra sound when Superman shows up.  This not only made it a Batman vs. Superman, but also synthesizers vs. orchestra during their battle.

After some more questions, it was time to show one more teaser from the upcoming film.  In this clip, Batman and Robin are about to storm a studio, but are met by a large police force on the roof.  Batman quickly goes into stealth mode, warns Robin not to touch anything, and makes quick work of the police force, using smoke pellets and his fists.

As the panel ended, and a lucky fan did get that signed copy of the DVD, every fan in the room wanted more.  They wanted to see the movie immediately.  And so did I.  I highly suggest that if you haven’t seen Part 1, then get off the computer and go buy it, along with a reservation for part 2.  You won’t regret it.


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