Justice League news: Which DC Comics villain will fight Superman, Batman?


Has the upcoming Justice League movie found its super villain? According to the Latino Review it has. The DC Comics villain in question will be Darkseid, a creation which originally came from the pencil of Captain America artist, Jack Kirby. Granted, the film is not coming out until 2015 and it doesn’t really have a director yet. But since superhero fans have now had to start letting go of The Dark Knight Rises, including its scary beyond scary villain, Bane, it’s about time for another villain worthy of the Justice League to march forward.

Moving to the Darkseid of the DC Universe

Out of all the DC universe villains that the LR could choose, it picked Darkseid based on one basic, but sound premise: When you bring together superheroes like Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others, you need a pretty epic villain. Darkseid as the supreme monarch of the planet Apokolips is about as epic a villain as you can get from the pages of the DC Comics comic books.

Catch a glimpse of Darkseid in this Batman cartoon clip.

IGN choose Darkseid as one of its “Greatest Comic Book Villains” and has this to say about why the DC character is so diabolical:

Darkseid’s motivations are rather simple – conquer and control all life by unlocking and solving the Anti-Life equation.

Where Artist Jack Kirby Found Inspiration

Although physically based on actor Jack Palance, in spirit artist Jack Kirby looked to German dictator, Adolf Hitler as a reference for the character, which makes sense as he reportedly

chooses to manipulate events from the shadows, allowing his minions to act on his behalf.

When looked at in this light, the DC universe villain is very much like Hitler and certainly a worthy foe for a cast of superheroes. However, the drawback to character that some news websites are citing is that the character is too much like Thanos from The Avengers.

CinemaBlend.com speculates that the Man of Steel movie will pave the way for the Justice League movie and by extension whatever super villain from the DC Universe picked to fight against the union of DC Comics superheroes.

What do you think? Is Darkseid a villain worthy of the Justice League movie?

Sources: Latino Review, IGN, CinemaBlend.com, SupermanSupersite.com, Screen Crush

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