Eddie Berganza Takes The Superman Books Back


Earlier this year, Eddie Berganza was demoted from Executive Editor at DC Comics to Group Editor at DC Comics. A number of people believed his days were numbered at the publisher, but more reliable sources noted that Berganza and Editor-In Chief Bob Harras had formed quite a bond.

One of the announcements made at DC yesterday was that Berganza would take over editing all the Superman books. Of late they have been split among a number of people, with Matt Idelson as Group Editor, but Eddie editing Superman, Matt Idelson editing Action Comics (and the upcoming Man Of Steel), Will Moss editing Supergirl, and Chris Conroy editing Superboy.

Now it seems all these books will be edited under Eddie Berganza’s watch. As for Matt Idelson? Maybe we’ll find out later, when a few people are over their hangovers.

From: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/12/05/eddie-berganza-taks-the-superman-books-back/

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