Who cares what Superman scribe thinks of gay marriage?


Apparently the thought police are alive and well. How is it possible that in a country where everyone is supposed to be entitled to their opinion, a person can be judged unfit to write a comic book just because they oppose gay marriage (“Superman author choice won’t fly, some fans say,” Feb. 22)?

What has the one thing got to do with the other? How many people reading a Superman comic even know the author’s position on gay marriage, or care?

Those who oppose gay marriage are just supposed to accept it without complaint, while those who support it are entitled to keep vilifying those who take a different view. Talk about a warped sense of entitlement.

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    Superman comic books draw ire of gay advocates

In the America I grew up in everyone was entitled to their own opinion and people respected that right even if they didn’t agree. What a sad state of affairs we’ve come to.

Bill Ruff, Towson

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