DC Comics Preview: Superman #18


DC Comics has provided us with a look at some great preview pages from this Wednesday’s Superman #18, guest-starring Orion of the New Gods!

Superman #18 is out this Wednesday, but you can get a taste of it right here with these awesome preview pages from Scott Lobdell, Aaron Kuder, Tyler Kirkham, and Robson Rocha! The New Gods keep popping up around the DC Universe, and it’s about time that Superman got to knock heads with Orion! Thanks to DC’s Source blog for the images!

“After the shocking events of “H’el on Earth,” Superman has been called in to meet with the United States Senate to explain the nature of the “Fortress of Solitude,” which is now considered a threat to international security! Will Superman allow international inspectors to enter his home? And how will this predicament affect the public’s opinion of the Man of Steel?”

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