"Superman" Writer Lobdell Punches Up "Action Comics" for an Arc


Scott Lobdell takes over “Action Comics” for a fill-in arc starting in July with artist Tyler Kirkham

“Action Comics'” current storyline, plotted by Andy Diggle and scripted and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel, was expected to run for six issues, so fans were understandably surprised when DC’s July solicitations named writer Scott Lobdell and artist Tyler Kirkham as the creative team for what was expected to be chapter four in the pages of “Action Comics” #22.

During the course of a wide-ranging interview with Lobdell covering his current and future work on DC Comics titles “Teen Titans,” “Superman” and “Superboy,” CBR News asked him for clarification about his status as guest-writer on the “Action Comics” fill-in issue, and Lobdell revealed he is actually on board for longer than a single month.

“It is actually a fill-in arc, and you just revealed it here!” Lobdell told CBR. “I was eager to write a story where we got to see Superman off-planet and out of his comfort zone. We’ve seen a lot of adventures so far in the New 52 where Superman is either dealing with Earthbound threats… but I admit I am a sucker for those stories where we learn the man has quite a reputation outside of our solar system!

“I also like those stories where Superman has to deal with cultures that are not his own, not of this Earth. Sometimes I think if left to my own devices I would publish a book called ‘Clark Kent!’ I love that guy! But ‘Action,’ like the title implies, is an action-oriented title, so it is not as conducive as ‘Superman’ is for the character-driven plots that I spend most of my time writing,” Lobdell continued. “‘Action’ is more actiony! There’s a lot of action in this story, a lot of galactic scope, and the art from the first three pages alone is spectacular.  So everyone should strap themselves in for a bit of romp — the series is called ‘Action,’ after all!”

Check back with CBR tomorrow for the rest of our interview with Scott Lobdell.

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