Week of Cool Comic Book Moments – Superman Doing the Impossible


joshschr, I read quite a lot of it in the past, currently not so much, because somehow the authors can’t seem to (in my opinion, of course) “get” the character.

I quite liked (albeit not “loved”) Morrison’s “All-Star Superman”, but to my mind, the most recent example of someone writing Superman as I like him was the Action Comics run of Geoff Johns (and to a lesser degree his Secret Origin stories). In the middle of all the adventuring there were some seriously wonderful Superman moments there.

Elpie, I disagree that Moore was making fun of Superman. If anything, they’re Moore’s attempt to prtray Superman as someone truly incredibly powerful, but not in the usual sense, portaying innovative uses of his abilities. Both sentences are from Moore’s work in the late eighties, the first from a Swamp Thing story, the second from “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow”. Indeed the latter, along with “For the Man Who has Everything”, are genuine love letters to Superman from Moore (as well as Moore’s “Supreme” run, who at the time were the best Superman stories published outside of DC… ).

As for Morrison, i recognize the guy has talent, an original way of making comics, some serious courage to try some of the things he does… But I seem to be virtually invulnerable to his stories, they don’t move me (or interest me) in the slightest. All of his “Batman” left me cold, I hated “Final Crisis”, couldn’t muster the patience to keep reading his “Action” run. This goes back, in fact – I’m of the heretics who doesn’t hold “Arkham Asylum” in high esteem. I remember reading it and thinking, “if it wasn’t for the wonderful McKean artowrk, I don’t think this would be as acclaimed”. I don’t question that Morrison has genuine LOVE for Superman (and Batman), and clearly these Action stories are his tribute to Supes… But again – it’s a question of taste – they don’t do anything for me.


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