The Five Best Superman Comics For New Readers



Widely seen as the last “Silver Age” comic, this book was created by the Superman dream team of Alan Moore and Curt Swan. Curt Swan, for decades, drew Superman before being brutally and summarily ditched by DC in favor of, well, The Man Of Steel and John Byrne’s reboot. It’s something some fans are still angry over, and something that broke the heart of Swan himself.

The net result, a story told in Superman #423 and Action Comics #583, is essentially what happens when all those silly villains and assorted brightly colored nutjobs Superman fought for thirty years finally get it together and ruthlessly go after him.

The results are best defined as… ugly, and with this and Man Of Steel, much of the groundwork was laid for a new, more mature style of comics storytelling. Along with The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, it’s one of the books that changed how comics were read and seen by both fans and the public.


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