Henry Cavill lists ‘The Death of Superman’ among his favorite comics


“Man of Steel” recently held its Australia premiere in the city of Sydney which led to a new interview yesterday with Empire.au [via CBM] wherein actor Henry Cavill discusses what inspired his performance as Superman in director Zack Snyder’s reboot. Previously, Cavill stated that he based his performance as Kal-el/Clark Kent on a few of the many Superman comic book stories from publisher, DC Comics. In this latest interview, Cavill specifically lists the storylines that prepared him for his role, noting that ‘The Death of Superman’ is his personal favorite. Said Cavill, “‘Death of Superman’ is the first of my favorite comic books and in that, you get to see what the character is willing to do and willing to sacrifice as far as the greater good is concerned and to protect those he cares about and the human race.” He continued, “We see in ‘The Return of Superman’ the various ways Superman is perceived by the outside world. And all these characters that are faux-Supermen or ‘Supermans’ [emerge], they tick all the boxes, they fill all the criteria that one would imagine Superman needs or what Superman is made up of, yet not any one of them is Superman.,” summarized Cavill, recalling the follow-up story which saw the emergence of Steel, Superboy and others all try to fulfill Superman’s role as protector of the fictional city of Metropolis. “There’s a very special thing…that essence is missing. And when [Superman] does return, it’s screamingly obvious, even though [physically] he’s almost unrecognizable,” Cavill said of the special qualities that sets Superman apart from other superhero characters.


Cavill also listed “Red Son” and “Superman/Batman: The Search For Kryptonite” among his favorite Superman comic books. When asked if any of these storylines are being looked at for “Man of Steel 2”, Cavill admitted that he doesn’t know what Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have in mind for the sequel. However, he did indicate that he’ll have a small amount of input as well so maybe he’ll pitch some of the ideas above.

From: http://www.examiner.com/article/henry-cavill-lists-the-death-of-superman-among-his-favorite-superman-comics

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