When Will Superman Kill In The DC New 52?


I’m hoping we’ve all seen Man Of Steel. Or been willingly spoiled on Man Of Steel. Or have no intention of seeing Man Of Steel after being spoiled on Man Of Steel.

You know, the bit with Zod.

I’d tried to make the argument that Superman always kills Zod. Got in quite an argument at the pub the other night about it. But it did get me thinking. New 52 Superman hasn’t killed and Pre 52 Superman hadn’t killed since that execution issue.

Certainly the movie was a lot darker than the Superman series. Is such a gap between the two ideal in DC Comics’ view?

Superman did kill in the alternate future Injustice Gods Among Us comic, and that series has become DC’s bestselling digital series by far, all around the world, and dominating the Amazon single charts.


Basically, is Superman going to kill in the mainstream comics? We know there’s a death coming in Trinity War, what if it’s at the hands of Superman? Whether turned evil, mind controlled or given no choice…?

This is purely speculation, joining the dots nonsense. And trying to work out how big comic companies are thinking is a dangerous game. But I’ve been right before…


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