‘Man Of Steel’s’ Faora Returning To Comics In ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’



by Brett White

Pretty much everyone who saw “Man of Steel” agreed that Faora, the Kryptonian antagonist played by Antje Traue, was awesome. She was a scene-stealer, for sure, and fans have had their fingers crossed that the character would make a return in DC Comics.

According to artist Tony Daniel’s pencils for “Superman/Wonder Woman” #1, fans have gotten their wish. The blog DC Women Kicking Ass has posted a progress shot of the cover, and it contains a character that is unmistakably Faora.

Check out the pencils after the jump.

Here’s Daniel’s full progress shot:

Superman/ Wonder Woman

Did you see Faora? There she is.


That’s 100%, most definitely her. Don’t believe it? Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

While this is Faora’s debut in the DC’s New 52 status quo, she’s been part of the comics for decades now. She debuted way back in 1977’s “Action Comics” #471. She was later re-named Zaora and teamed up with General Zod in the late ’80s. Faora – and characters based on Faora – have popped up in a few other stories, most notably in 1980’s “Superman II” movie. This cover marks Faora’s return after a very long absence, and will most likely mark the debut of a Faora that adheres closely to “Man of Steel’s” portrayal of the character.

Considering how awesome she was, that’s a good thing.

[via DC Women Kicking Ass]

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