LA comedians prep for celebrity roast of Superman


L.A. comedians prep for celebrity roast of Superman

For one night only, Superman will finally get what’s coming to him. Just what that is, remains to be seen.

The Los Angeles-based variety act Captured Aural Phantasy Theater will stage a celebrity roast of the Man of Steel Sept. 8 at the historic El Cid as part of a show titled Superhero Variety Hour. Members of the group will play characters from DC Comics, including Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Superman himself, as well as an unexpected host — Dean Martin. Inspired by the celebrity roasts of the 1970s (and Comedy Central’s recent revivals), actors will play the various parts.

For comics fans of a certain age, the production may evoke memories of Legends of the Superheroes, the two live-action specials that aired on NBC in 1979 (in that version, Ed McMahon served as host of the celebrity roast in the second episode).

This isn’t the first comics-related production from Captured Aural Phantasy Theater. The troupe appeared at Comic-Con International, doing radio serial-type performances of classic comics from the 1950s and 1960s.

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