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The hottest DC Comics news stories covering October 5th – 7th, 2013!

DC Comics announces October’s crossover within a crossover!

As last week came to an end, DC Comics stated that there will be a secondary crossover event running alongside their current primary crossover event, “Forever Evil”. Titled “Forever Evil: Blight”, it will begin this month and run through March 2014 throughout four mystically bent DC books: “Justice League Dark”, “Constantine”, and the two “Trinity of Sin” titles (“Pandora” and “Phantom Stranger”). In total it will be 18 issues long, and likely spark sales for the two “Trinity of Sin” titles, which are struggling in terms of sales.

The general thrust of “Forever Evil”, so far, has been that the evil parallel earth versions of the Justice League, the Crime Syndicate, have invaded the “New 52” world. The Justice League have seemingly been defeated and the villains are running amok. This event followed from the brief crossover of the three “Justice League” titles, “Trinity War”, which included “Justice League Dark”. Leaping from this latest crossover, “Forever Evil: Blight” sees Constantine attempt to save Zatanna’s life (as well as the rest of his team) by allying with other beings and taking on the manifestation of that parallel earth’s evil magical mumbo-jumbo; a bloke named “Blight” (who isn’t to be confused with the lead villain from “Batman Beyond”).

Newsarama interviewed writer J.M. DeMatteis about the event, as he’s the writer of “Justice League Dark” and now “Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger” (roughly half the crossover). He stated that Constantine will have to unite with Swamp Thing, the Phantom Stranger and others to fight Blight and try to save his comrades. With the start of the “New 52”, several DC Comics characters have been plucked from Vertigo into the mainstream DC Universe, and this seems to be evidence as to how it operates. It doesn’t bode well that most of these titles have been in perpetual crossover since the spring, but one can hardly say many Marvel Comics have differed greatly in that regard this year (with “Infinity” hot on the heels of “Age of Ultron”, which was itself only months after “Avengers vs. X-Men”). Instead of “event fatigue”, the big two seem to be eager to have their crossover overlap.

“Superman Unchained” retroactively made a mini-series!

The prospect of an ongoing series by hot DC writer Scott Synder and hot artist/co-publisher Jim Lee handling a Superman series hot on the heels of “Man of Steel” hitting theaters this summer seemed like a no-brainer. Yet it remained a mystery how long the increasingly busy Lee would be able to handle monthly comic duties; after six issues, Lee only handled a handful of issues for the first year’s worth of “Justice League”. Today, in an interview with the L.A. Times, Jim Lee stated that the series was a nine issue limited series rather than an ongoing series; that was since been confirmed by DC Comics as true. While there is nothing wrong with a mini series, it will leave a gap next year in their sales list once the series is ended.

Even Warner Brothers’ new CEO wants a Wonder Woman film!?

The drumbeat for a super-heroine film in general and a “Wonder Woman” film in particular, has been getting louder and louder over the course of the last few weeks. Last week as September ended, Rainfall TV aired their own 2.5 minute fan film of a theoretical “Wonder Woman” film online, which as of this writing has gained over four million views on YouTube. This earned the story some coverage on “Good Morning America”, which is as mainstream as one can get for general morning chatter. Now, new Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara seems to be joining those calls for some movement on a “Wonder Woman” film.

Speaking at a law entertainment conference, Tsujihara claimed that sticking to either Superman or Batman for their major DC Comics film adaptations is “a missed opportunity” before saying bluntly, “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV”. He replaced Barry Meyer as CEO of Warner Brothers this March, after some fourteen years of Meyer steering WB. During that tenure, the only non-Batman or Superman related feature films with DC properties involved mostly flops (“Catwoman”, “Jonah Hex”, “The Losers”, “Green Lantern”) or under performances (“Constantine”). Only “Red” earned a sequel, which itself didn’t do well.

“Wonder Woman” has not had a presence on TV since the 1970’s series starring Lynda Carter ended after three seasons. The only feature named after her offered for official release was the 2009 direct to DVD animated film, “Wonder Woman”, which was produced by Bruce Timm, directed by Lauren Montgomery and co-written by Gail Simone. A TV pilot by David E. Kelley was produced in 2011 which ultimately failed to be picked up by NBC, and a proposed “Amazon” TV series for The CW is currently “stalled”. While “Justice League” is tentatively scheduled a year after “Superman/Batman” in 2015, it could be possible that enough gears could shift for the Amazon princess to get a shot beforehand.

From: http://www.examiner.com/article/dc-comics-news-forever-evil-blight-superman-unchained-and-wonder-woman

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