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Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Florida writes;

Hey Fandom! I’m back with a new batch of New Comic Now. It’s another healthy mix of DC, Marvel, and creator owned comics.

Superman Wonder Woman #1 was actually pretty awesome, even though I’m not a big fan of their ongoing relationship. I am a big fan of writer Charles Soule and Tony Daniel is a great artist. I also like having some more Wonder Woman as her title is one of the best the New 52 has. My call is check it out, you may find you enjoy it even if you’d rather they not be an item. Batman #24 was a story that needed to be over-sized, I mean if this had ended after 20 pages it would have been an unsatisfying snippet. Zero Years is worth it just for the purple gloves! Forever Evil: Arkham War #1 by Tomasi delivered the goods. Do you want to see factions of Bat Villains at war with each other? If so, this is your book. Suicide Squad is also a Forever Evil tie-in, and though I loved Ales Kot’s “run” on this title…this is quite possible my favorite single issue. Matt Kindt is the man! Lights Out part 2 final put the spotlight on John Stewart. Now that Kyle’s White and Guy’s Red, we see up close the differences with the two human Green Lanterns.

Infinity #4 had me laughing and shouting involuntary excited utterances. Thor steals the show here. This one felt like a turning point and I can’t wait for #5. I want it right now.

I you take one esoteric recommendation from me ever (and you’re a fan of super heroes and humor), try God Hates Astronauts! It’s way more than an absurd title or premise, I fell in love with Ryan Browne’s voice from his first mini-comic and now so can you! And it’s Walking Dead’s 10 anniversary issue, you need 14 covers! Watch the video, I talk about more stuff, but I’m done writing.

From: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/10/08/a-comic-show-superman-wonder-woman-4ever/

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