Superman/Wonder Woman – Fifty Shades Of Grey Kryptonite


At a recent Comic Con panel, Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello made mock of the fact that the rest of the DC universe didn’t seem to portray the character in the way he did in her comic book. All gods, and horror and the hard reality of war. Little time for coquettish smiles.

It’s been a weird disconnect. And a comic book exploring the romantic connection between Superman and Wonder Woman felt set to increase that disconnect. Instead it seems to split the difference.

Charles Soule and Tony S Daniel have delivered something with its feet in both worlds. We see a Clark Kent, portrayed in the Scott Lobdell manner rather the Grant Morrison style. Almost as if they’re watching what the other folk are doing with the character. But with Wonder Woman, we get a lot more god stuff. War stuff. That which separates her from humanity rather than binds her to it.

And something rather entertaining in the power play between them, and just the kind of thing to get the Hell Yeah Superman And Wonder Woman crowd all stoked. Because there’s the power and the smile here.


So it’s like that with them is it? Time to get the lasso out is it? Two gods, at play with each other, with power games thrown into the mix. No wonder the world is afraid…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting the work of Esad Ribic.


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