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New York Comic Con’s DC Comics — Superman panel began as moderator John Cunningham led the audience in a round of applause for the Superman panelists and creative teams: “Superman Unchainedâ€? writer Scott Snyder, “Superman/Batmanâ€? writer Greg Pak, “Superman/Wonder Womanâ€? writer Charles Soule and artist Tony Daniel, artist Aaron Kuder from “Action Comicsâ€? and finally “Supermanâ€? writer Scott Lobdell.

Cunningham admitted to audience groans that due to technical difficulties they would not be showing slides and would be ending the panel five minutes early, but promised every audience member a Superman cape as a sorry, the PR team passing the capes around the crowd. The audience cheered again as Snyder kicked off the panel by comparing writing Batman and Superman.

“Superman is so emotionally open and so vulnerable…he protects his loved ones from the things he doesn’t want them to know would hurt them,â€? Snyder said. However, writing Bruce, “He’ll tell you he’s fine and that’s how you know he’s not fine.â€?

Snyder then said that he felt he was “hitting his stride� with issue #4 and #5 of “Superman Unchained.� The writer then told the room about an upcoming scene with Lex Luthor wondering aloud while making orgami figures of the DC Universe heroes how each member will die as Jimmy Olsen watches, unable to stop him.

“In [issue #5] Wraith begins to make his argument as a friend…he says, ‘You pretend to be this human Clark — wait, he doesn’t now that yet, I’m spoiling it,â€? Snyder laughed as the room cracked up. The writer then went on to say that in issue #5 Wraith tells Superman that he’ll have to give up pretending to be human as he’ll outlive everyone he cares about, “And then Wraith attacks him in a fun way!â€? Snyder laughed again.

“The bigger elements of Wraith’s background and the mystery about him is brought to bear in a big way…and Luthor and Jimmy are caught in the middle.â€?

As Snyder finished the slides began working and Scotty pointed to the panels of Luthor making origami figures of Superman.

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NYCC LIVE: DC Comics Superman

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