SUPERMAN Meets Mysterious Horn-Helmeted Foe in ACTION COMICS #27


Action Comics #27 cover by Aaron Kuder.

DC Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras has unveiled what he calls a “highly mysterious and strong new character” that will be making his debut against Superman in January’s Action Comics #27. This horn-helmeted character will appear as part of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s upcoming run on Action Comics, set to begin in November.

“A being that emerges from the subterranean world, this character controls many of the monsters that live in this underground culture in the center of the planet,” Harras says on “And as these creatures begin to rise, Superman will quickly learn that we are not alone on Earth. But why does this creature feel the need to challenge the Man of Steel?”

According to Harras, this as-yet-unnamed character – designed by Kuder – has armor “comprised of the remains of previous creatures he’s tamed”.

Harras goes on to say that in this arc Superman will be sheltering a creature from this character’s subterranean world, and will be pitted both against these underworld creatures as well as the United States government as they try to get its hands on them.


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