Rare Superman comic to be auctioned in Croydon


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A RARE Superman comic commissioned by a billionaire for his son’s birthday is to be auctioned in Croydon.

British property tycoon Godfrey Bradman fulfilled every teenage son’s dream when he paid £10,000 to DC Comics to produce a special edition of their iconic superhero comic featuring his son Daniel on his Bar Mitzvah in 1988.

A copy of the limited edition ‘This Island Bradman’ is to be sold at Catherine Southon Auctioneers and Valuers’ next sale at The Chateau, in Shirley Hills, Coombe Lane, on November 20.

In the comic, Daniel, his half-brother Andrew Hunt and Superman are transported, along with their family home, to an alien world to serve as entertainment.

Superman is trapped inside a bubble containing the house by Kryptonite beams, but the boys manage to escape through an air duct to free the Man of Steel who returns them all home.

The comic was written by David Levin, drawn by Curt Swan and inked by Angelo Torres.

It is estimated that approximately 200 copies were printed and given to friends and family. It is seen as the most specialised custom-created comic created by the DC team and is being sold by a former Bradman employee for £1,000 to £2,000.

Catherine Southon, who has appeared on BBC antiques programmes, said: “It is always particularly exciting when you see something at a valuation day and you can immediately tell how special it was when it was created and who valuable it is now.

“It is fascinating to research the background of the comic and to realise how important it is to comic collectors around the world.”

Copies of the special edition rarely come up for sale, though five were sold in 2011. One was sold earlier this year by a Canadian seller on eBay for $1,000.

The cover art and all but one page of the inside of the comic was recently sold for $5,000.

Bradman built Broadgate in the 1980s but in 1992 his company Rosehaugh collapsed with debts of £310 million.

From: http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/Rare-Superman-comic-auctioned-Croydon/story-20034663-detail/story.html

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