Will Nightwing Join in on ‘Batman Vs. Superman’?



That Wonder Woman speculation hasn’t even been sorted out yet, and already a new rumor is circulating about another DC Comics superhero making an appearance in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel.

Latino Review‘s El Mayimbe contends he’s been chasing unconfirmed rumors for weeks now that Dick Grayson will appear in the film, probably titled Batman vs. Superman, but not as Robin. “According to a trusted source, the rumor is that Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is going to be in the movie,” he said in the video, below.

El Mayimbe said it’s still considered a rumor because, after weeks of digging around, he hasn’t been able to get confirmation. He went on to say that casting directors are looking for “a young John Hawkes type” and that the stunt team is searching for someone with martial arts experience of the same height and build as Hawkes (Winter’s Bone, Eastbound Down). He ended the video by saying that, according to his sources, the film features a Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne who have not spoken in years.

Opening July 17, 2015, the Man of Steel sequel stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne.


  • Superman: “What are you doing, you can’t beat me!”
    Batman: “Wanna bet, I’m Batman”
    Nightwing: “Seriously, Bruce, wtf is wrong with you?”

  • How can there be a Nightwing without Dick having met and befriended Superman? At the same time, a grizzled old Batman destroying skyscrapers would make no sense with a fruity little boy beside him. Weird.

  • This is already starting to sound like a trainwreck.

  • Why is it when changes are made to Marvel movies that go against the comics (in the last few years – let’s set up some parameters), for the most part, I find them either non-offensive or in some cases, better than what is in the comics. But when changes are made in DC movies, it’s almost alway a ‘wth’ situation?

  • Weird. I see it the other way around.
    For example: Hated the character switch of Hawkeye and Stark, hated the Mandarin.
    Loved everything they did in MoS, loved TDKRs story and ending and loved their interpretation of Bane, which is superior to most versions in the comics.

    I guess thats really both companies reaching a somewhat different audience, with the serious vs. funny divide. I am more on the “grim and serious” side of DC, which is more exciting and dramatic for me, as much as I like the Marvel stuff, I enjoy the seriousness a lot more.

  • I really don’t like the direction DC is going. I think they’re ruining what comic heroes are suppose to be about to begin with. yes Batman is dark and gritty, thanks to Millers over usage of the color black, but Superman is suppose to be the American boyscout no matter what. And what did he do his entire movie? Destroy a town and city in one single hour long fight, killing countless people and cried likea girl when he eye fried a Kryptonian sociopath. He would never do that, and yes I understand times are changing but if you loose sight of of the biggest ‘goody tooshoes’ in comics than what the hell is there to look forward too? Sups always takes the fight away from the public and Batman helps, in a way, kill every bad guy he faces. In the very first Nolanpile made when he tells Ra’s that he ‘doesn’t have to save him’ they ruin his character. Yes. YES he Does have to save him. Why? Cause he’s Batman, not the GD Batman, just Batman. He doesn’t cross thar line, he doesn’t become the murderer that made him become the Batman. The entire arguement to the contrary to mute. All these characters can be portrayed as heavy hitting, gritty tough guys / gals without becoming villians. You need writers who aren’t trying to become the next big name, you need fans who become professionals that are trying to further the mythos in a better way.

  • I think you’re assuming movies adhere to rigid comics continuity which rarely, if ever, happens.

  • But, you do realize that “grim and gritty,” is not serious nor is it real life. I did enjoy the Dark Knight Trilogy greatly. I don’t think Nightwing in this will be a good idea. I suspect they are prepping a scape goat if it fails.

  • I didn’t like that part, but it doesn’t make him a murderer for not saving him.
    We throw food out everyday, while some people are starving and homeless, that seems worse than Batman not saving a psychopath that will try it again.

  • I agree with this so much. Man of Steel may have been a good summer action flick for a lot of people, but as a Superman story it failed on every level. Really disappointed that it’s THAT movie that’s being used as the springboard for DC’s Cinematic Universe. It’s setting the wrong tone for the entire endeavor; it’s unbearably bleak and joyless, two words that should never be used to describe Superman.

  • That’s comparing countries with money who don’t give it all to the Horn of Africa to Hitler’s regime. Yes, it completely makes him a murderer. If you do not save someone from being hit by a bus when you mot only have ample time, but more than needed means to do so than you might as well be the bus yourself. Batman does not kill or condone death. There wasn’t another person who needed saving that yoi could justify the worse or two evils, there wasn’t a ‘let him die and the school children survive’ scenario either. And with thar, Batman wouldn’t have tried to save his girlfriend and let Gothams shining hope die. Yes this is all hypothetical cause it’s completely made up, but that’s the entire point. Hell even Nolans movie plots. ‘a symbol. A symbol cannot be corrupted, broken’. Well Nolan, you did indeed do just that. You ruined what are two characters for millions of people: children, teen, midlife, elderly, into characters that you really shouldn’t look up to. I f’ing LOVE Batman. Hell I went to a pajama storytime reading with my son at his school in Batsymbol pajama’s, so I’m not for the better of trying, trying to negate how great he is. But these new DC movies are for the mass public, people who want Michael Bay affects and sounds with little to no real story telling background. No depth perception into a staple of Americana. Marvel is succeeding in film necause they are going into making comic book movies… Wait for it… Comic bookey. Enter Green Lantern, and I love that movie. Not the best story but a hell of an intergalactic-alienspecies filled-green guardian comic book movie. And yes I understand I tied this reply with DarkeSword’s reply. I’m on my phone and don’t want to bother with jumping around.

  • Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better. The brightest colored Super Hero with the darkest superhero movie. There was more color in Bane’s jacket.

  • @Robert Gallentine – I find your criticisms odd to say the least. Did you ever read any Superman comic printed after 1963? He has not been the boy scout that you refer to, for many decades! In recent years, by which I mean post 1978, he has been portrayed with a wide diversity of perspectives. These include rage, extreme violence and multiple murders. You are clinging on to a romanticised version of this character’s history, that never actually existed.

    To this day, I am astounded by the ‘shock’ of the destruction as visualised in ‘Man of Steel’. Yet, if you actually had super powered folk at war in a major metropolis, that’s exactly the kind of collateral damage that one would expect.

    I will never, ever understand your hypocrisy when it comes to fictional extremes, yet you fill your homes with guns and porn.

    Also Robert, your spelling is dire and not worthy of a ten year old. How can you possibly claim any credibility?

  • This is like saying “You know Batman is not real, right?”
    At least grim and gritty is more serious than the saturday morning cartoon kiddie humor of the Marvel movies.
    Of course its not real. I only said that I like it more that the “funny” Marvel stuff. Why do people always freak out when someone isn’t worshipping Marvel?

  • I love what DC is doing and was perfectly happy with MoS.
    I am also getting annoyed by Marvels “funny” movies that you cannot take serious anymore.

  • Is that even canon for the New 52?

  • How? Explain that.

  • So wait…

    They are going to introduce two completely unknown characters (to this franchise) into this film on top of Superman, his extended cast and the villain and his minions…? This is starting to sound like Lord of the Rings here…

  • Too much in one film.

  • When was the last time you read a Superman comic, Robert? My God. You folks who pretend to be comic book enthusiast are making yourselves look pathetic when you say things like this.


  • Because 99% of the outrage is coming from people who remember Superman from 40 years ago or just from the TV or movies. That is it.

    I remember when the first Batman film was released and all you heard on the radio were these idiots screaming, “Batman is supposed to be campy! Not dark! What is happening to American? bitch, bitch bitch”

    They are not coming from comic book readers. They are coming from people who pretend to be comic book readers.

    Hell- I read some idiots that were outraged when Bane broke Bruce’s back in Dark Knight Rising. Talk about out of touch… I pointed out that happened in the comics almost 20 years ago….

  • Prepping a scapegoat if it fails…. Dude.. no one makes movies with that attitude. What the hell?

    All we heard at the end of DKR was- we want a Nightwing movie! Now a RUMOR is out that he may be in the film and you jokers are bitching and coming up with seriously insane reasons why he should not and why he is in the film. Scapegoat??

    What you said makes ZERO sense.

  • What a bunch of crybabies. Go enjoy the movies for what they are, you pansies.

  • They’re not even good films, Nanner… Unless you’re a 10-year-old, that is.
    (Oh, and name-calling who disagree with you or nitpicking on spelling —? Those are characteristics of people who don’t have an argument and can’t hold a solid thought for more than 5 seconds!)

    They’re horrible films following a very bleak translation of the DC Universe aka 52.
    This is NOT a good time to be a fan of the traditional hero… They are not in abundance in comics anymore. All I see are little boys acting like bullies and hitting each other for no reason.

    However, if you’re a fan of the continually bleak set-ups like “Dark Knight Returns” I guess it’s nirvana for you.
    Not for many, many of us.
    These are NOT books or movies I will pay for money for let alone waste what little spare time I have.
    The bleak stuff tends to do horribly as far as repeat business is concerned, too.
    Death and mutilation are the reserves of people with no imagination aka hacks and creeps…

  • soooo, is there any Superman on the movie at all?

  • I personally would love to see nightwing in the movie, but only if they do him justice, its long over to due to showcase him beast out on someone not just in da comics….young justice invasion for example, i dug him as the team leader, but they didnt do the NIGHTWING character justice, in all honesty hes a younger more mobile batman for crying out loud…..

  • For someone who is questioning my ability to read, I don’t believe you read what I wrote. I compared a lot of my argument to Batman because that’s my section of the universe. I do read Superman on a casual basis, and if he is being Miller’ed than I’m sorry for your loss in writing talent as well. I not once declared this to be a problem that is recent, but the topic was on the movie’s being released so my points where aimed there. I know things have been on the darkened, gritty, r-rated path for a while. My argument, which you missed by a landslide is that it’s not correct, and it’s not what people want. You claim to be a hardcore fan, and point down on me for my, questionable, information but you don’t seem to have the finger to point. Example? How you immediately jumped to telling me to read or watch the Dark Knight Returns. That my friend, is a treasure chest of shit, and every ‘huge fan’ excuse. Those stories are horrible, and the art was cliche. At best. I have unfortunately read them and decided to not buy them or bother adding them to my incredibly large collection. I’m not here to banter with what you think or don’t think I know. I offered my opinion on how DC is letting the WB ruin their characters and why. Superman wasn’t a boyscout in that movie. Yeah, two incredibly powerful characters fighting do cause destruction, hence why in omly the ‘drop jaw, hack writing, make-a-name for yourself’ garbage thats produced is when you see cities destroyed and millions of people dying. The entire idea of super heroes is that, that DOESN’T happen. That’s why their there. I don’t want campy, I want writers and artists that know you don’t need to be ‘edgy’ to be good. Great material comes from passionate people, not greedy pricks. Oh, and for future reference don’t use an example from a guy who openly hates and despises the charcter material your pointing with. Miller’s ugly depiction is because of his love for money not of what he was doing.

  • Just Batman, Superman, and Nightwing is fine. No Wonder Woman. It’s not too much

  • It’s not just Batman and Superman and Nightwing. It’s those three plus all of Clark’s support cast + a villain + his minions + at least Alfred.

    We basically know only Clark and a bit of Loise.

  • Spoiler: Nightwing will not appear in the movie but Dick Grayson will 🙂

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