Three actors linked with Nightwing in Batman Vs Superman


Where the heck were they? Well, considering all heroes in the DC universe tend to have their own city (unlike the Marvel universe that all tends to take place in New York), they were probably dealing with their own problems that were taking place at the time. Wonder Woman might not have been in the know (do they have TV on Paradise Island?).

And why do we need to start Batman over AGAIN. We all know the story. On top of that, DC is BEHIND. If they took the time to come up with origin movies before they did their big Justice League movie, it would be YEARS before we see it. I’m sorry, but the Justice League consists of more mainstream heroes that we don’t need an origin story to know what is going on. Marvel had to use origin stories like Iron Man and Thor because hardly anyone knew who they were. I am quite frankly tired of waiting on DC to “catch up” so we can see the Justice League on the big screen.

And just because they are using The Dark Knight Returns as a BASIS for the story in no way implies that Batman is going to be old as dirt. He is just more SEASONED a hero than Superman. Batman always seemed to be more seasoned than any of the Justice League, at least as it was portrayed in the DCAU. Ben Affleck is only in his 40’s…he’s not THAT old. Heck. Michael Rosenbaum, that played Lex Luthor for 7 years on Smallville is the same age as Ben Affleck (and would honesty make a dang good Lex in this movie, but that’s a whole other story) and doesn’t look a day over 30. And if we want to talk about old, Amy Adams is 39 and quite frankly showed her age in the movie, but nobody complained about that…

I just wish you fanboys would stop pissing and moaning about things that are pure speculation right now and let them work on this dadgum movie. There are plenty of us that have been waiting on a World’s Finest or Justice League movie for YEARS and we just want to see it happen! I personally think if Kevin Smith is this stoked about the movie, we are IN good hands, because he knows his stuff!


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