Superman-JFK Comic Donated to Presidential Museum 50 Years Late



DC Comics announced on Monday that the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston will finally be receiving the late Al Pastino’s original artwork for the comic book “Superman’s Mission For President Kennedy,” after 50 years of waiting. Pastino discovered that his original drawings for the 10-page spread, designed to promote Kennedy’s national fitness program, were up for auction during an event at New York Comic Con, with a starting bid of $200,000. This came as a bit of a surprise to the 91 year-old comics veteran, who thought that the pages had been donated to the JFK Library 50 years earlier.

Heritage Auctions was handling the sale, and planned to bring it to block and gavel for the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. As it happens, JFK’s assassination had delayed the story’s original publishing, and DC almost didn’t run it at all, but with the Kennedy family’s approval, President Lyndon B. Johnson insisted that the piece be shared “as a tribute to my great predecessor.”

It is unclear if the pages were bought by DC or acquired through legal action — artwork ownership issues have been debated between cartoonists and publishers since the genre was first established — but the JFK Museum will soon be displaying the set, and Pastino will get one of his final wishes.

“I was thinking about my grandchildren,” he told the New York Post shortly before he died. “When I pass on, I want them to be able to see it — of course!”

— Meredith Caraher (@Mereditheve)

(Photo via John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum/Facebook.)

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