Superman’s Resurgence Dashes Hopes For ‘Shazam’ Movie


The Big Red Cheese won’t fly on the big screen any time soon — and it’s all Superman’s fault.

Director Peter Segal was once attached to an adaptation of DC Comics’ Shazam!, about young Billy Batson and his secret superhero life as Captain Marvel. But that project appears dead in the water, thanks to Man of Steel and its planned sequel.

“I’ve always loved Shazam,” Segal told Coming Soon, “but I don’t know if it’s going to see the light of day any time soon.”

He elaborated, “The thing is, Shazam has always live this tortured life going against Superman. This dates back to the 1930s. Because Captain Marvel had similar powers to Superman, the DC folks back then sued what was the most popular comic book on the stands at that time. Years later, they bought it and it became a DC property but, as long as Superman stays hot in the market place, there seems like a little bit of a crossover between the two characters.”

“After Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, it seemed like there was a moment in time where Shazam was going to see the light of day. That’s when you heard those stories,” he continued. “Now that Superman is being invigorated and going up against Batman, I think it’s difficult for DC to figure out how to launch this character in the wake of Superman’s resurgence.”

The script for the long-discussed Shazam movie passed through the hands of nearly a half-dozen screenwriters before landing with Geoff Johns and Billy Birch in 2009. Although there has been no public movement on the project since then, Johns struck a more optimistic tone nearly a year ago when he promised, “There’s always talk about Shazam. And I can’t get into the specifics on that, but yeah, there’s hope for Shazam.”


  • I’m not really impressed with what DC is doing with The Big Red Cheese in The New 52. It may be more realistic, but it is dour and not a whole lot of fun. Comics should be fun.

  • Given what they’ve done with Superman on the big screen in the last 30 years I’d really like them to give the character a rest and let Shazam have his shot. It might allow for a fresh take on things and permit a movie that’s not crushed under the weight of ham-fisted metaphors and symbolism.

  • I don’t see why Shazam/Capt. Marvel has to be kept out of the DC Cinematic Universe. Why not have him be the representation of the younger audience/fanbase of Superman? Maybe even have him kind of feel alienated that his idol had to resort to such violent extremes to “save” the world.

    Shazam could prove a very fun, playful contrast to this new version of Superman.

  • i think thats a lame excuse their both strong and can fly i know
    hundreds of characters who fit that description, i disagree, if ever
    there was a time to make any comic book movie its now, that the
    superhero movie appetite is at its highest its ever been

  • And if ANYONE should be fun, it’s Captain Marvel. The character has a pure joy and silliness to him that seems the very antithesis of DC’s atrocious and violent current direction.

  • If Man of Steel had bombed, I can’t see how WB would have green lit Shazam either.

  • Warner’s doesn’t deserve Captain Marvel. It was their lawyers who killed him in the first place and Marvel’s lawyers keep WB from putting him in a comic titled “Captain Marvel”.

  • Given all the things that resulted from the last Captain Marvel script, ie “Batman is cool. Make Captain Marvel darker *toss script*” I’m more relieved that they’ve found another reason not to do it.

  • Maybe the WB can make Shazam the character Superman should have been in Man of Steel: heroic, noble, humble, optimistic, and self-sacrificing. Considering they turned Superman into a NotSoSuperman who was a cowardly, aimless hobo murderer, I’d say it’s best the current moron regime at the WB doesn’t do anything with Shazam. Geoff Johns has already screwed him up enough in New Fifty-Poo as it is…

  • Hope that Marvel gets a captain Marvel film made, there’s room for superman style characters I’m sure

  • It’s excuses at ths point. The reboot redesigned the look enough that you can distinguish Cap Marvel from Supes. PLUS that new JL: War animated flick has Shazam replacing Aquaman so I’d say if they can stand shoulder to shoulder in a JL flick then why can’t he have his own solo movie?

  • So Shazam can’t have a movie since he is too similar to Superman, but he can be in Justice League War? That is pretty insulting to us Aquaman fans.

  • I think Shazam would make an excellent TV series. The large cast and adventures of a group of terms with super powers just screams for a serialized treatment rather than a single cinematic one.

  • He has not been kept out of that universe though.,

  • WB and DC are run by very untalented people with poor senses on what is great and what is boring. They over think the living hell out of decisions.

    Shazam has been one of my all time favorites since I was a kid. He is not Superman. What a terrible excuse not to make this.

  • lol, how dare they “over think” a multimillion dollar decision.

  • Good. Man of Steel was a good movie. Screw you haters!!! Superman killed Zod in Superman 2, not counting that awful Donner’s cut, btw. Bunch of hypocrites you all are.

  • He dropped Zod into a pit. It’s a stretch to say he definitely killed him. He certainly didn’t snap his neck for no reason.

  • I’m glad because I wouldn’t want the horrible current take on the character to be the film version. The New 52 has ruined this character most of all.

  • Maybe fans should get together an sue them for the liberation of Captain Marvel and all the Fawcett properties. It was dirty dealings that went down in their destruction of that company and then buying it at cutrate prices years later. This character was bigger and better than Superman, Supergirl and Superboy are ripoffs of Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr but Captain MArvel was never a ripoff of Superman. He was unique and quite frankly a more creative and inventive idea.

  • If Marvel makes a Captain MArvel film, I think it ill be Carol Danvers, former Ms Marvel and I would hope they do this before DC does a Shazam or Wonder WOman film.

  • Bravo, Warner. Once again, you’ve made the best choice in order to keep losing to Marvel Studios.

  • Saving those civilians wasn’t a good reason to kill Zod? You’re entitled to your opinion, but I considered that a reason.

    Anyway, in Superman 2, Zod was already depowered and Superman didn’t need to throw him into a pit. Unless that’s a 5ft deep pit, Zod either suffered a severe injury or was killed. Also, if I remember correctly, didn’t Superman kill Nuclear Man in Superman IV? You guys can hate MoS all you like, but enough with saying it’s because Superman kills. Superman has killed before MoS.

  • He “had” to kill Zod because that’s what the filmmakers wanted to happen, so they made him unable to trip Zod, flip him over his shoulder, slam him to the ground, fly up while holding him, block his heat vision with his hands, or perform any other maneuver to allow those people the chance to run away. It wasn’t necessary to kill Zod in order to save those people, but they did it because modern fanboys demand that every hero be dark and tormented and savage because it’s “realistic.”

    SUPERMAN IV is garbage. Using that to justify something is pretty weak sauce. SUPERMAN IV also shows us how strong Superman’s hair is, and then a minute later shows Luthor snipping it with wire cutters. It’s not exactly a paragon of logic.

    And since we did not see what happened to Zod and the others in SUPERMAN II, it’s a real stretch to assume that they were killed. The Fortress is a super-science deus ex machina plot device, seeming to respond to Superman’s every whim; it’s likelier, and more in character, to assume that Superman dropped Zod into a waiting containment cell, or force field, or simply down a distance high enough to keep him trapped without killing him.

  • More proof that WB/DC has no clue on how to use their superhero character.

  • If Superman didn’t kill Zod then, he will have to kill him eventually, since he missed his chance to put him into the phantom zone. Zod only had one thing in his mind, if not kill Superman, he’ll kill the people around him.

    Yes, Superman IV is garbage. But it still happened. Stop with this selective memory, it makes your argument look weak when you nitpick at one and ignore another. Superman has killed in movies, comics, tv series and video games. You just had to deal with it. It’s not like MoS only flaw was Superman killed someone.

    Zod was already de-powered (and his hand was crushed) and Superman didn’t need to throw him into that pit. Judging from Zod’s scream, it’s quite a long way down. A waiting containment cell, or force field? Look who’s stretching. Like I mentioned before either Zod fell to his death or was severely injured from that fall. Even diehard Superman II fans got to admit that it was an excessive use of force by Superman.

  • Sleeper99999
    In regards to your comment about Supes snapping Zods neck “for no reason”. Did you not see the movie? It was the ONLY option open to him. Frankly I’m so glad to see a superhero who isn’t conflicted about destroying great evil when it is the obvious choice. I’m tired of wussy heros who wring their hands and get all weepy when it comes to eliminating truly evil villains. Thank heavens this weak kneed ideology didn’t infect the generation who fought the Second World War. Instead of thinking its evil to fight, you should be thinking that we must fight evil. It’s time for our heros to destroy the truly pschopathic villains who are responsible for so much death and destruction. Letting them live to continue their mayhem is worse than killing them. I applaud Zack Snyder for making Superman truly Super.

  • You sound like the kind of fan who wants to see Batman just execute the Joker and every other supervillain in cold blood. Congratulations, you’re part of what’s wrong with superhero comics today.


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