‘Batman Vs. Superman’: There May Be More Than One Villain


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A typical superhero movie tends to have a lot more characters in a single picture than you think there should be. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks like it may have an overabundance of villains, but Batman Vs. Superman may have that in the form of big characters. We already have these two titan of superheroes battling against each other, which I still don’t entirely get, but we may have one more big name villain to acknowledge.

The latest rumor to flutter around Batman Vs. Superman is the involvement of another villain in the overall story. Apparently the villain will be from the Superman comics, but which one could it be? Well it’s easy to speculate that Lex Luthor could end up teaming up with somebody like Brainiac, but then they would have to go into introducing the both of them along with integrating these two worlds colliding together. If they suddenly bring in Doomsday then I’m just going to throw my hands up in the air and give up hope on this being a decent story, only because it would be way too soon to bring a character like that into the universe, especially when you realize that they just redid Superman’s origin story.

Anyways, why would Batman fight Superman in the first place? Maybe it has something do with the fact that Superman demolished half of Metropolis, but then there’s a couple other aspects about this to speculate that will get many fans going on wild tangents about how they think Batman Vs. Superman should be done. Either way, if this villain is from the Superman comics then maybe this is a leaning towards a Man of Steel sequel of sorts.

Which Superman villain would you like to see in Batman Vs. Superman, other than Lex Luthor?

Source: TotalFilm

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