Report: Geoff Johns & John Romita Jr. New SUPERMAN Creative Team


Superman by John Romita, Jr. Screencap of DC All Access

It’s beginning to look a lot more like Superman will get a new super creative team with Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. taking over the series soon. News-rumor site and perpetual thorn in DC and Marvel’s side BleedingCool is reporting what appears to be genuine screen shots by the new DC All Access video the publisher was promoting heavily Monday, in which they has promised a major news announcement.

small glimpse

Screen captures of the video, which is scheduled to go live at 10am PST according to DC’s promotion, include Geoff Johns alongside the artist-via-Skype on a laptop. Romita, Jr. BleedingCool reports the video indeed confirms a Johns-JRJr. Superman pairing. The site also shows off what looks to be a genuine piece of John Romita Jr. art, which seems to match the “small glimpse” of a larger image DC published on their website Monday.

Assuming its accuracy, this would mark a major creative move for John Romita, Jr., who has been working for Marvel Comics for the vast majority of his three-decade career, with only an Image Comics project taking him away from the publisher. This would be his first time drawing DC Comics characters outside of cross-company crossovers (and of course, his own sketching fun).

Johns taking over the Superman title would mean Scott Lobdell is currently without an ongoing series at DC Comics. Lobdell took over Superman one year into the series with issue #13. The issue launched a family-wide crossover called “H’el on Earth” where he introduced an all-new villain to the DC Universe, who has played a major role in the majority of his run on the title.

Despite BleedingCool reporting they have been “granted a sneak preview” of the video, DC Comics is not confirming Johns-Romita Jr. Superman Tuesday morning, and has declined comment on BleedingCool’s report.


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