Well, you seemed to like it last week. So let’s do it again…


Well, you seemed to like it last week. So let’s do it again…


To quote Mallrats “what, in the back seat of a Volkswagen?” Welcome, one and all to another delve through the sexual shenanigans of the days’ comics. And as Thor continues to court a scientist (who somehow isn’t fazed by all the bad science around, more on that later) in today’s Thor, God Of Thunder, he also seems to threaten a Roxxon fellow (Marvel’s Exxon equivalent) with the thin end of Mjölnir. Well that’ll impress any woman. But at least we can enjoy the innuendo of it all, without being too explicit.


Because for that, we’ve got Fuse, the new Image comic book about space cops, by Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood. Where’s the charm? Where’s the finesse?


It appears to be in Mercenary Sea, also launching from Image Comics today. You know, comparatively, especially compared to what’s coming next.


Manifest Destiny there, which manages to give us a character who is both sexually aggressive and obnoxious, and racist with it. Clearly he’s the bad guy…


But Psylocke also manages it in X-Force #1. It’s a long time since she was one of the British aristocracy isn’t it? Not exactly Downton Abbey.


But then, was it ever? As Royal Masters Of War #1, launching today, shows that there’s probably not much in it. And. it appears, not much down below.


And Negan in The Walking Dead seems equally obsessed.


Away from such smut, Batman totally calls Superman out on exactly the problem that “defecating in one’s communal comestible region” might bring to the whole superheroic environment in Superman/Wonder Woman. Still, it’s not like Batman has ever done anything similar with anyone else. Apart from Catwoman. And Talia Ghul. And etc etc etc…


Winter Soldier #1 gives us a potential sexual encounter that, as you can see, doesn’t go quite along the lines our protagonist was expecting. Talking about an STD…

ten grand

And Ten Grand gives us the difference between angels and demons. And you can tell exactly what that difference is between the two different black bars we’ve been forced to use.


Wow, Fatale really knows how to take the fun out of sex. Can anyone leave us on even more of a downer?


And Rachel Rising goes there. I think I prefer the Winter Soldier’s options…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With an exhibition of the work of Liz Prince, the launch of her new Top Shelf Comics title Alone Forever, with an exclusive limited bookplate.


From: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/02/12/sex-in-todays-comics-x-force-supermanbatman-thor-rachel-rising-royal-masters-of-war-and-winter-soldier/

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