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Coming of age in rural 1930s America with X-ray vision, the power to stop bullets, and the ability to fly isn’t exactly every boy’s story. So just how did Clark Kent, a shy farmer’s son, grow up to be the Man of Steel? Follow young Clark’s whirlwind journey from Kansas to New York City’s Daily Planet-by way Hollywood. This ace reporter is not the only person leading a double life in a teeming metropolis, just the only one able to leap tall buildings in a single bound-a skill that comes in handy when battling powerful criminal masterminds like scheming Lex Luthor and fascist robots. But can Clark’s Midwestern charm save the day and win the heart of stunning, seen-it-all newspaper woman Lois Lane? Or is it a job for Superman? Look deep into the soul of a pop-culture legend brilliantly reimagined in this novel, which is as inventive and thrilling as it is touching and wise.

This is the first Superhero production by Director Scott McCormick and Sound Designer Thomas Hogan. Producer Richard Rohan, who previously directed all of the GraphicAudio Superhero releases, says “A gloriously fun and often touching exploration of Superman’s earthly origins, given new freshness in the context of the American depression, the time period in which the character was conceived. It’s Superman! is filled with surprises, wild action and engaging characters, including a fascinating interpretation of Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor”.

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DC COMICS: IT’S SUPERMAN! is out now at

Written by Tom De Haven
Running Time: 7 Hours
Number of CDs: 7

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