Today’s Comics In Love – I Blame Superman/Wonder Woman For ARGUS …


Last week’s Superman/Wonder Woman gave us this scene.


While today’s Forever Evil: ARGUS gives us another.


These declarations of love, past and present might just be catching in current superhero comics. Spoilers going on, folks. There are more declarations, kisses and the like for the titles in the headline. But just to be sure…

slott spoiler


From the future of Uncanny Avengers, Havok seems to have moved on from Lorna Summers too..


While in Worlds Finest, the fourth issue of the multi-title crossover shipping before the third part of Batman/Superman (so even more spoilers than usual) love may not necessary be exactly what Power Girl wants to hear.


Then we get a more positive Forever Evil love note with Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion.


While over at Teen Titans, the inevitable happens.


Hmm… all this heterosexuality. You realise a Bunker kiss must be on the cards now, right?

But not all such declarations are so well received. And Gambit does have a habit of attracting them. From all sorts of folks.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Okay, maybe there’s something wrong with that. But, with all sorts of techno-organic plotlines present in All-New X-Factor, could we be about to challenge those prejudices against human/mechanical love? It’s been too long since the Vision and the Scarlet Witch hooked up…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, with a massive Transformers #100 signing this Saturday…



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