‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Adds Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey & More


Zack Snyder‘s “Batman Vs. Superman” is certainly shaping with an intriguing cast, that had you told us this last year, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. Of course, Henry Cavill is back in the cape and Ben Affleck will wear the cowl, and they’ll be surrounded by a roster that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane and Gal Gadot. And now three more are coming aboard.

The usually excellent Holly Hunter, rising star Callan Mulvey (“300: Rise Of An Empire,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier“) and Tao Okamoto (Mariko in “The Wolverine“) have all joined the sequel, and no, their characters have not been revealed. So we’ll let the internet speculate away on that.

But if you have your own theories, let us know in the comments section. “Batman Vs. Superman” arrives on May 6, 2016. [Variety]

From: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/batman-vs-superman-adds-holly-hunter-callan-mulvey-more-20140403

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