No kidding, vintage Superman comic is yours for $800000!


No kidding, vintage Superman ?comic is yours for $800,000!

Dhanusha Gokulan / 5 April 2014

The first Superman and Batman comic books are up for sale for $800,000 and $600,000 respectively at the Comic Con being held in Dubai.

Who cares for fancy art works if a comic book can fetch $800,000. You heard it right. The first Superman and Batman comic books are up for sale for $800,000 and $600,000 respectively at the Comic Con being held in Dubai.

Vincent Zurzolo with comic books in the backdrop in Dubai on Friday. — KT photo by Grace Guino

Vincent Zurzolo, COO of Metropolis Collectibles, the leading name in vintage comic books and original comic art, swears by the simple mantra — invest in vintage comic books. Both comic books starring the superheroes only cost a dime in 1938. One of them, a rare copy of the first issue of Action Comics, in which Superman first appeared, sold for a record $2.16 million in 2011. First editions of these comics have big potential depending on the condition and quality of the book, says Zurzolo.

The Metropolis Collectibles stand has over $1.5 million worth of comic books on display. “We are trying to expand the reach for vintage comic books in the region. Here collecting is still considered an amateur hobby. However, on the first day of the Comic Con, we made a cash sale of about $10, 000 for some books.

‘‘It shows people are interested,” said Zurzolo, a New Yorker who is visiting Dubai for the convention. The books are priced depending on their condition on a five to 10-point scale.

Zurzolo, who began selling comic books at the age of 16, said: “There is a sweet, nostalgic memory associated with comic books. When people think about the best times they’ve had, it is during their childhood. And people would not mind spending to revive those days.” The age group of collectors range from young 12-year-olds to people in their 80s.

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