Clark Kent death in Batman Vs Superman? (and other Rumors)


With so many strange choices made by the Warner Brothers JLA think-tank, every comic book fan alive is hanging on every rumor looking for some hope that Batman Vs Superman can launch the Justice League into a hit ensemble movie much like the solo films did for Avengers a few years ago. So, when even a questionable source starts spewing into the rumor mill, the world listens.

What is listed hereafter are rumors that NeoGAF forums have published along with my commentary. These may of MAY NOT be spoilers.

1. The villains for Batman Vs. Superman are said to be Lex Luthor and Metallo.

No real news here. Lex had already been announced although it is being said that him and Supes won’t have much one on one time. Mentallo has been a fan favorite to make this cast. It makes sense. After what you read below, you’ll realize that Mentallo is probably built specifically to do what he’s always supposed to do: Kill off Superman!

2. It’s said, Batman forms a UN-type deal to stop Superman from destroying another city.

Also not news. The main ‘Batman vs Superman’ action we are probably going to get is Bruce Wayne funding a Super-manhunt with Lex Luthor. Mentallo will probably be the end result. The question is will Batman stand by and watch Lex destroy the alien, Superman? Oh, the moral dilemma.

3. Aquaman is in it, but he is not called Aquaman. The reason Aquaman shows is because the world engine in the ocean during Man of Steel did something to the fish.

Makes sense. I have to give Warner Brothers kudos for continuity. Not in the sense that they are following the old school comics, but in the way they are keeping the story tight and continuous. Man of Steel started everything. Batman vs Superman is a continuation of the story. Expect more of this out of DC movies. Also bone up on the NEW 52. For, MARK MY WORDS, almost everything the push into the theaters will spin out of their new initiative in the comics.

Aquaman getting a little hacked off because Zod almost fried his seas? Yeah, that’s perfect motivation to be there. I buy this explanation and can’t wait to see how the people of Metropolis react to, not only the alien that almost destroyed their city, but a half-Atlantean rising up out of the sea to complain about his fish! Wow! Should be fun!

Ok, and Aquaman not being called Aquaman? I have the same response I have with the whole ‘we won’t call them the Fantastic Four’ news from Trask’s little train wreck. SO? The point is that he probably never should have been called Aquaman. He is a king of the seven seas! HE has a name. Unfortunately it’s not as cool as Prince Namor. (Yeah, I went there)

4. Wonder Woman is said to pose as a Wayne Enterprises investor to retrieve an item that belongs to her people.

Once again, Kudos to Warner Brothers in not just having these heros show up in the spandex and start fighting. They’re building story and I respect that. Diana prince needs a reason to be there. Motivation is the drive of any story. The question is what is it that ‘belongs to her people’ that she’s come after? hmmm?

5. Lex Luthor is in the shadows a lot, described as a manipulator. It’s said Lex doesn’t have much face time with Superman.

This is build up. He wouldn’t need to have much time with Supes. In fact, I believe Lex would do better from the shadows.

6. Robin betrayed Batman at some point, leading to a falling out between them (my note: sounds like Nightwing)

Sounds about right to me too. I, once again, suggest you check the NEW 52 Nightwing. This may give us clues to where they are going in the movies.

7. The Batcave is described as super cool looking, with the Batmobile looking similar to Tim Burton’s (from the Keaton films).

The Batcave is almost always super cool. The old school Batmobile would be nice too.

8. Lois is investigating Lex.

Once again, no surprise. When is she NOT investigating Lex. But it also makes sense how to work her into the whole storyline.

9. Metallo “kills” Clark Kent.

Interesting that they would kill off Clark so soon. I would file this under ‘doubtful’.

10. The Daily Planet is bought by Lex Luthor for PR purposes.

This too makes total sense. It’s a typical Lex ‘DICK’ move. That would give Lois all the more reason to investigate him AND make it harder to do so.

11. At the end of Batman Vs. Superman, Superman is living in exile, and the Justice League is an government approved superhero team.

I could see this in the short term. But, by the end of the Justice League movie, he will be at their helm.


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