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If they keep it consistent, we will see the ultimate superhero clash on May 6, 2016. Captain America 3 and Batman vs. Superman will be the biggest box office draw that year, I guarantee it. Although we don’t know which one will shed blood first but we all know it’ll be a battle for Comic Book Film supremacy. One side will go for Marvel, the other will be right behind DC Comics.

The third installment of the Captain America series of the Avenger films I believe will be a partial take off of The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Think about it, after clashing with the baddy of a robot, things will change drastically whether we know it or not, it’s one step closer to bringing Thanos most likely in the third film. Cap 3 won’t be the political satire the second film had and although I loved it and it was an awesome film, you just can’t strike lightning twice in the same area. Hopefully, the third film will deal with more of Hydra after the battle of Ultron and see a bit of more of Baron Von Strucker as a lead villain.

The Bat and Supes have their hands tied as they go head to head in Batman Vs. Superman. Because of the success of Man Of Steel, this will have another dramatic outlook on the Dark Knight Superman. I have a feeling that Nolan will take Batman to another realm of that Psychological Suspense that he created in the Dark Knight Trilogy and from the looks of the new Batsuit Batmobile it’s going to be bad ass. Snyder I believe will keep the mold of what made Man Of Steel different from other Superman films and add on a few elements that will increase not only the heart pounding action but the suspense and thrill of learning how Superman can co-exist as Clark Kent the new office boy at the Daily Planet. With the addition of Wonder Woman, it’ll be interesting how they bring her to the testosterone filled world of Bats the last son of Krypton.

Without question this is the starting point of a growing battle for film supremacy between Marvel DC. For years in the comics, we’d go back and forth between the two and always sided with one or the other. Now that films are running into the picture, it’s going to be a comic book blood bath. I for one remain neutral because both these Comic Book giants have great characters and awesome stories. In the end it doesn’t matter who wins, they’ll both break bank more than any film of that year, there’s no way around it. Like I said before, this is just the starting line. It’s going to be the biggest Comic Wrestling match of the year and the only way it can be topped is if Avengers 3 The Justice League hit in the same year a couple years after, I doubt it because JL might be hitting first but I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m excited for both films and it’ll be one hell of a battle. BRING IT ON!!!


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