Batman Vs Superman Henry Cavill Costume Redesign Revealed By DC Comics …


Henry Cavill as Superman
(Photo : Facebook)

The Batman vs Superman Henry Cavill costume resign look has been revealed by the DC Comics Mexico Facebook page and the new suit is very different compared to the costume Henry Cavill wore in Man of Steel.

The DC Comics Mexico Facebook page posted a mockup picture of the Henry Cavill costume that would appear in Batman vs Superman or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Based on the mockup picture, the new suit looks like a blend of the New 52 Superman costume and the Man of Steel costume.

As a reference, this is what the New 52 Superman suit looks like:

The costume is heavily based off the New 52 Superman suit while the materials the suit is made off is based off the texture of the Man of Steel suit.

Aside from the Batman Vs Superman Henry Cavill Suit redesign look reveal news, an interesting Superman related news has surfaced as well.

Big news regarding the Batman: Arkham Knight front because the Man of Steel himself will appear on the game! Yes, Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance confirmed! And not only that, the secret identity of the Arkham Knight may have been revealed as well!

The IMDB page of long time Superman voice actor, George Newbern has been updated to include his credits in the Batman: Arkham Knight and guess who will he voice in the game? It’s Superman!

It has been speculated that there would be a small reference to Superman in Batman: Arkham Knight via radio reports of his exploits in Metropolis but this news confirms that the Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance will happen. Let’s hope Rocksteady makes him playable in challenge modes or what not.


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