DC Comics Cancels Adventures Of Superman With #17


ADVSM_Cv17_5396301f143135.16405883It was the digital first comic that opened with controversy, the hiring of Orson Scott Card to write a Superman story for the anthology series. The considerable commotion saw artist Chris Sprouse withdraw and, officially, DC were looking for a replacement artist. But actually they weren’t, it was a lie to save face. Incredibly embarrassed by the fuss, it turns out that no one involved was aware of Card’s active and financial support for anti-gay marriage legislation – or some of the odder things he’d said about gays over the years.

Well, now that story won’t have any chance to return, as the non-continuity Adventures Of Superman is being cancelled in September it seems, according to this solicitation.

Superstar creators unite for the final issue of the series! First, a Superman/O.M.A.C. team-up as only Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude can deliver! Then, when Lois Lane gets Superman a mystery gift for Valentine’s Day, Superman speculates with his friends about what it could be – and what he should get her in return! Finally, Superman is confronted by a ghost from Krypton! Don’t miss out!

Still, Ordway and Rude isn’t a bad way to go out!

From: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/06/17/dc-comics-cancels-adventures-of-superman-with-27/

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