Why People Hate Superman? UPDATE 1


People think superman is dull,boring, and he is overpowered. Its simply not true. The truth is that his hardcore fans take his scans out of context. They don’t show you the entire comic. If you do show the truth, they say superman is holding back. In reality he is not holding back, becasue no one can control durability. Superman has broken abilities. The only thing superman is guility of is being overwritten and overrated. All augements are flase.

Lex Luthor Talks about ways of killing superman.
Death by Solar Flare.

Death by magic.

Brute force can actually kill superman. His fans often forget about that one.

Kryptonite:Lex Luthors prefreed method.

Scans Feat Counter:
Can be hurt by a mech.

Metallo in this scan is not using kryptonite.

Booster gold beat superman to near death.

Magic foes can easy beat superman.

A kryptonian using brute force.

solar weapon that drains superman’s solar energy.

Wee Mongul beaten superman up. Fans don’t show this.

Lobo can easily hurt superman, remember brute force.Lobo often does hold back to prevent from giving superman brain damage.

Hawkman claw of horus.

Lobo just toying superman.

Orion knocking superman.

Superman being harmed with his battle with Eqquus.

Dr. Light vs superman. dr. Light knocked superman out.

Master jailer is the guy who trained batman how to fight.

Superman being defeated.

Master Jailer defeating superman. I’m showing you the scan is not out of context.

Jay Garrick stealing superman’s speed.

Gorilla Grodd vs superman.

Utraman vs superman.

MM hunter is able to take out the league even superman easily.

Cyborg superman beaten superman up.

Doomsday vs superman fight, his fans did not show you the complete fight.

Superman vs the elite:


vs Batman

vs lanterns

vs magog

Superman badly getting beat up. Note Brainiac can’t destroy a planet with his fists. he can only destroy a large skysrapper.

near death experience

Superman is not overpowered. Superman is weak at night time. 
Example His speed is supersonic:His powers drop at night, and his solar rseves decreade everytime he fights.

Many people hate superman. I just defend any character. I don’t like spiderman but I defend him.
I read superman comics in the past. Since I’m an anime fan.I don’t care since the new 52 happened.
This is why I thought deathbattle is garbage. By the way I was a dc fan.I currently hate manga, and comics.
I had many favorite charcters were in the past.
My former favorite character was:

another one is this.


From: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/superman/news/?a=102078

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